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When Customers Give You Positive Feedback

As the CEO of the company the most gratifying part of the job is when you get emails from satisfied customers.  Getting emails from satisfied customers gives you the feeling that through all of the hard work and stress and aggravations that you face as an entrepreneur; that its all worth it.  A satisfied customer means that you got everything right.  It means that your managers properly trained your customer service and sales staff to treat the customer the same way that you would want to be treated.  It means that the computer system that you spent thousands of hours working on with your IT team, pleased your customers.  It means that your designers created a design up to the standards that you have set for them, and it means that your suppliers understood the high requirements that you have for them.  Finally your quality control team understood the importance of only letting the highest quality items pass the quality control check. Your hard work all culminates together into a thank you letter from a customer who went out of their way to tell you how important the patch was to them, or how the service they received converted them into a loyal customer.  In this past week I was truly fortunate to receive several emails from customers.  Here they are:  10-23-2012 ” Greg,  I would just like to express my thanks, delight and complete satisfaction to yourself and your team at The Studio, with specific reference to Alan Morales, who has been my Point of Contact since my original enquiry, for completing an order of our graphic logos, which was compounded with problems (from our end) and queries.   As a testimonial, if it can be of use to you, and please consider that you have my permission in its recital and use, i would like to say the following: In a day and age where genuine value for money, high quality Customer Service and a true quality of finished product are a rarity, The Studio is a refreshing example that such Companies do still exist. Professional in every way from initial contact, I have been delighted with the standard of service until receipt of my order – and was equally as delighted with the quality of product. Highly recommended and a Company I will use without fail from here on in. A total pleasure to be a Customer of yours.  Thank you again guys and i look forward to being in touch with you again soon – and i will certainly recommend you to anyone i come across looking for a similar service.”  –Mark Rowbottom    10-19-2012 Kristine, Today I picked up my flight jacket from the tailor. Attached is a photo. I can’t express how happy I am with this final product. To me, I am wearing a work of art representing my naval career. Thank you so much for being an integral part of the process of bringing my dream to reality. For your information, two of the patches have been in my possession since the 1960’s and two were purchased recently from collectors. Regards,Ed McBride   We also sent out a survey last week and received these comments from customers:Customer Comments From Survey Sent Out 10-18-2012  “I’ve worked with Michelle for the past two years, and she’s very knowledgeable and helpful.  I will definitely be ordering our badges from this company again next year!  Thank you 🙂 ” “The best part of dealing with you was your representative, Kristine Carey. In delivering my patches, she was knowledgeable of the process, empathetic to my frustrations, able to communicate clearly, and very patient with me. Thank you Kristine for enabling me to create a tribute to a most important phose of my life. Your company should be very proud of you. I will be recommending your company to all my veteran colleagues who see the results of your work.” ” Just let Kristine Carrey handle the sale and everything will be alright she is great.” ” Mike Watts was instrumental in insuring that my idea came to fruision from a hand drawn draft to a great product. ” ” Great service and very helpful:)” ” Anne Ramirez is outstanding! She is responsive, knowledgeable and extremely professional with a great personal touch.”




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