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When Things Go Wrong With Your Custom Patch Order….

October 24, 2013

 When Things Go Wrong with your Custom Patch order…

At Patches by The/Studio we pride ourselves in producing products that our customers will be 100% satisfied with. We will go above and beyond to make sure our customers are getting exactly what they desire. We always strive for perfection and almost always achieve it but there have been times when things have gone array.

Most companies have experienced that horrible feeling when you know you have disappointed a valued customer. How you handle their disappointment and rectify the situation is the only thing that should matter at this point. What happens next can change the entire outcome of your customer’s negative experience.

Before I go any further you are probably wondering why a custom patch company is being so forthcoming about mistakes that could be made , we obviously don’t want to alarm you but we want you to be aware and understand the custom patch process. If you have a better understanding of this process you will have a greater respect for all things custom made.

We create over 1,000 different custom patches a month. There is so much that goes into creating a custom patch. These patches aren’t sitting on a shelf at Target waiting for someone to buy them. These are customized products, all your vision. To bring that vision to life takes the highest quality material and machines , it also takes a skilled factory and people who truly care about your patches.  Patches by The/Studio has a 97% accuracy rate.

If problems occur with your order you can take great solace in knowing that we will do everything in our power to correct the mistakes that were made. We will always communicate any issues and always be honest about the difficulties we might be facing with your patch order.

We promise to be active listeners and make sure we are retaining the information needed to fix the problem.  I think It’s time for me to finish the sentence , When things go wrong with your custom patch order……  BREATH, you have a team of people around you that really care about you and your custom patches. We will be there every step of the way!

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