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Articles on designing your own custom merch, growing your brand, and managing manufacturing as a small business.

Why Blog About Custom Patches?

Blogs became increasingly popular in 2011, now in 2013 you can’t go to any website without seeing their blog. They have become a phenomenon, and Patches by The/Studio is no different than any other company, we just couldn’t stay away from this internet marvel. When people find out that I write a blog for a patch company , they always ask me “why blog about patches?” And then I respond, “why not?”. I give them this short answer because there are so many reasons. I came to the conclusion that for once and for all I need to address and explain why I blog about custom emblems.  When this question is brought up again I can tell them to refer to this blog.

One of the  reasons why blogging is so important to our company is because it introduces ourselves to our customers and it gives our company a voice. Being able to have a voice , allows us to interact with each and everyone of our customers on a larger platform. Our blogs are very interactive, we welcome questions , thoughts and suggestions pertaing to patches or any of our other products. I post my blogs onto our actual website , facebook , pinterest and twitter accounts so you may feel free to comment , like , retweet or repin anything you would like. Blogging  gives our loyal customers information and insight about custom patches, this way our customers are ready to make educated decisions when ordering their custom embroidered patches or other products we offer.

Blogs are essential to SEO , SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you accurately follow the SEO strategy your company’s website can be found in search engine’s results. When I blog, I of course want  to write about patch topics that can really help inform our customers but I am also thinking about which keywords to put into my writing. Keywords are a very important aspect of SEO. Our goal is to create more of an online following and get new customers and keep our existing customers intrigued. Every brand and company needs online marketing , you have to establish yourself online.

I personally love to blog about custom patches because I really believe in our products and I truly love working for Patches by The/Studio. Writing this blog has allowed me to share my experiences and adventures with our customers. It allows our customers to see first hand the quality of work we do, it’s like our online portfolio. With every blog I write, I gain new appreciation for the patch process. The blogs that I write don’t only advertise Patches by The/Studio but advertise for our customers as well.




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