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Direct Embroidery

Direct Embroidery

Many first time, hesitant custom patch customers, ask us “Why is it better to buy a custom patch rather than to use direct embroidery?” By the time I am finished answering this question, they are patch customers for life. We are confident that we can make any patch skeptic, a patch believer because no one can argue the facts.

Fact #1:
Many of us have had shirts with direct embroidery on it, you notice after 2 or 3 washes the embroidery starts to “chip” and the letters are slowly disappearing so now the shirt that use to say “Assumptions are wrong” now has a totally different message, a not very nice message. You never have to worry about that ever again with a custom emblem, our emblems don’t “chip” no matter how many times you wash them, they are durable and are made with the highest quality thread so they never loose their message in the wash.

Fact #2
Custom patches are less expensive than direct embroidery. Why pay more for direct embroidery when the quality is no where near as good as the quality of a patch? Need I say more?

Fact #3
A custom insignia is going to last longer than a uniform, so when you have to replace your uniform you can cut the custom patch out and simply sew it on to your new uniform, instead of having to buy a new uniform and paying again for the direct embroidery. Again you are saving money!

Fact #4
Most people think that a custom embroidered patch looks a lot cooler than direct embroidery and we agree! Patches are apart of fashion, it’s a great way to show your individuality because you can create a customized patch that represents you and your interests. And you never have to worry about having the same patch as someone else because you are in control of your patch design.

I think with these facts that I have presented, we can agree that Custom patches are a better investment, better quality and just a better option all around than direct embroidery. Patches are here to stay and direct embroidery is a fast fading trend.

direct embroidery custom patches are better






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