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Witty 2020 Designs for Your Custom Merch 

It has been a long year filled with a lot of love, tears, and unforgettable memories. As we approach the end of another year and anticipate what the coming year will bring, are there any mementos to remind us of 2020? 

Yes, there are! This collection of witty 2020 custom products just might cloak the sad events of 2020 in humor. Perhaps your employees need a little laugh this holiday? You can make these designs for your next order of custom patches, pins, stickers, keychains, face masks, and more. Share them among your team to tickle their funny bone, or stock them as giveaways for your next holiday sale. 

Keep Calm 

The Keep Calm design is a classic meme, and this time it’s back to tell you to Keep Calm, 2020 will soon be over”. So get excited; we only have a few more weeks to go. 

2020 Esc Button

A lot of shocking events happened in 2020: the coronavirus, protests, oil prices reaching a record low… whew! A functioning escape button out of 2020 will come in handy. We are sure your employees think so too. A similar custom patch could also read, “I keep pressing the escape button, but I’m still here. “

Terms and Conditions, Please! 

If only we could see the terms and conditions before entering each New Year. Maybe we all would have skipped 2020. 

2020 1-Star Review 

2020 review custom sticker

If 2020 were an app, the reviews would read something like, One-star Rating, Bad, Would Not Recommend,” or One-star rating, You Should Skip.” 

Social Distancing – If You Can Read This, You Are Too Close 

One of our favorite words this year. But how do you ensure people keep their distance? If you run a service-oriented business like a bakery or coffee shop, this one can hopefully keep people at a safe distance from your employees. 

A Mask a Day Keeps the Virus Away 

Pro-mask patches are a great way to pass the safety information along while also being funny. You can also have a batch of custom face masks made saying, Stay safe, wear a mask.” 

Even the Pumpkins are Staying Safe 

Obviously, in your wildest dreams, you would not have imagined a pumpkin wearing masks? Funny? Well, you can’t take chances. Halloween will surely look a bit different, even the cats and pumpkins are staying safe by wearing a mask. 

You can create a design showing pumpkins donning masks to make your employees see the need to stay safe during the holidays.

The Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020 

toilet paper crisis 2020 custom sticker

If you are a proud survivor of the time when everyone hoarded toilet paper at home due to the lockdown, then create a badge of honor to prove it. It could be a patch or a pin, just make sure it says, I survived the 2020 toilet paper crisis”. 

The Restart Button

Like the ESC button, the restart button to 2020 has had a lot of hits this year. If you don’t admit it, we will. We tried turning this year off and on again, but it just won’t restart. 

How about a nice custom keychain for your customers’ car keys that says “I keep pressing the restart button, but it isn’t working” or I keep trying to turn it off and on again.” 

Eat, Sleep, Quarantine, Repeat 

This year is by far the most stressful and restful we’ve had in a while. The daily routine during the lockdown was easy – eat, sleep, quarantine, repeat. This custom merch design summarizes 2020 the best!

This Superhero Wears Scrubs 

The real superheroes of 2020 were the health workers – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other hospital staff. They put their lives on the line to keep people alive during the pandemic. Are you one of them? Then this design is for you. Have a custom mask or patch that says, “This superhero wears scrubs.” 

You’re On Mute.

custom sticker 2020 mood

Work from home peeps strongly relate to this. In a world where you have to stay home and be safe while working, we have yet to develop the habit of turning on our mics when it’s time for us to speak during a Zoom meeting. Print a custom sticker for your laptop, and create a batch for your employees and customers too!

Sure enough we know you have more design ideas that would certainly speak everyone’s life this 2020.

Whatever design you come up with, let it be light-hearted and relatable for your employees and customers, because these little witty 2020 messages are not necessarily just meant to give them a little laugh, but it also tells them that you’ve had the same 2020 as they have. The year has been hard, but let’s keep on moving forward by surviving the last few months of 2020 together.

Considering getting witty 2020 custom products? We’ve got you covered and you can start your project now.




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