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Working Remotely by Emmy

December 15, 2014

Working Remotely

In my position at The/Studio I work from a remote home office, something I’ve done for more than a decade for several different label companies, so this is nothing new for me.  When working in a remote position there are many advantages, but there are also many disadvantages too.  One of the biggest disadvantages I’ve experienced throughout my career is feeling very disconnected from my co-workers and management. I’ve dealt with bosses not returning calls or emails for days, not being informed of new policies or procedures, quotes and orders I enter into the system are not handled properly and even not being informed of new employees or employees who have left the company. 

Those are all in the past though, since working for The/Studio I’ve actually felt the complete opposite, I feel like I get the best response from my co-workers and our management team and even more, I am actually an integral part of how we do business.  The/Studio is a refreshing place to be both professionally and personally, and I am honored to be here and be a part of this team.  The work ethic of my Chinese and Phillipine counterparts is above and beyond, not to mention the solid lines of open communitcation between myself and the President and CEO of this company.  We truly work together and create an inspiring professional atmosphere where we all work towards the same goal:  creating a positive experience for our invaluable customers.  Just like our tagline says:  You Imagine.  We Create.

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