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Woven Patches

August 30, 2014

We have discussed this before in our blogs, but sometimes customers want a level of detail that is just not possible for embroidery.  This particular patch is only 2.5 inches in width and the customer wanted us to design an embroidered patch for them.  We had to explain to the customer that virtually every component of the design would not look good with a 2.5 inch embroidered patch.  The stars in the American flag would look awful, even the stripes in the flag would be somewhat off, and there was absolutely no way that the text would even be remotely legible.  Furthermore, even with our laser machines it would be impossible to cut so perfectly around the edges.

We recommend that a woven label patch would be the perfect solution for the customer.  Look how clean everything turned out on this patch.

Woven label patch

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