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Woven vs. Printed Labels

You’ve worked hard to create a brand that’s easily identifiable, but it’s not always enough just to have a great product. Here at The/Studio, we know that a good custom label can really increase your brand’s presence and value. That’s why we offer deep design help with your creative masterpieces, right down to the label.

Representing your brand name on a label is important, but the type of label and its design can be even more crucial. When you choose the label for your custom product manufacturing, you’ll need to decide if a woven or printed label best represents your brand.

Check out this info on both of these types of labels we offer so you can choose the best one for your customized product.

A woven label can add a level of authority to your brand.

Woven Labels

If you choose woven labels for your custom product, you’re one step ahead of the fashion game. A woven label from The/Studio is made from threads that are woven onto a fabric backing. This timeless and consistent method produces a label that is comfortable for the apparel wearer, but that also allows for easy and quick brand recognition.

With this woven creation, you can choose a variety of colors, styles, and designs that can all be seen clearly. The woven threads offer remarkable contrasts of color, creating a sharp and clear image of your brand name.

The/Studio Create Tool also provides tons of options for your project, including different sizes, textures, and shapes for your woven labels. First, you can choose the material you want your label printed from:

Damask. A durable and woven fabric.

Taffeta. A silky fabric that provides a crisp design.

Satin. A soft and luxurious fabric.

Once you’ve chosen the texture that suits your brand, you can choose the structure. Do you want your woven label to have a straight cut, center fold, or loop fold? If you really want your label to pop, try adding one of our upgrades, like metallic or neon thread.

And if you’re not sure what would be best for your product, consult one of our design experts before making a decision.

Printed labels are great vehicles for sizes and care guides.


Printed Labels

Want to add something crazy colorful to your custom project? A printed label offers no color restrictions and a clean and easily readable print every time. When you’re using The/Studio’s Create Tool to design a printed label, you can choose the:


Print side



With so many choices, you can basically customize your label into your own work of art that represents your brand.

First choose to create your label from polyester, cotton or translucent white. Then, decide if you want to print on one or both sides of the label. For that extra bit of attention to your customer, care instructions can be the perfect addition to the backside of a printed label.

Next, decide if you want a center fold, straight-cut, or one-side fold, and choose the color of your label. Add on additional colors so you can express the essence of your brand and draw attention to your carefully constructed project.

Custom Labels and Packaging with The/Studio

While a label may seem like a small detail, it can actually be a great way to show off your brand name, boost your brand’s authority, and solidify your aesthetic. With all the choices available through The/Studio Create Tool, you’ll find a unique and easy way to ensure your label represents your brand perfectly. Whether you choose a woven label or a printed label, your customized label will be the bow on top of your creative project.




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