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Custom Neckwear

Our ties and bowties are tailor-made and come with free shipping.

Custom Neckwear

Our ties and bowties are tailor-made and come with free shipping.

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All kinds of neckwear, all kinds of options.

Join giants from Lincoln to Bond with custom options like Jacquard weave on cotton or silk, full-length printing, heavy wide cuts or thinner skinny ties, embroidered monograms to luxury labels. Our bowties feature special perks like metal corner pieces or custom tie-fabric. If you're not into tying complex knots, we can make ours pre-tied with knots using the same fabric or a different one for contrast. Free design means you don't have to be Jerry Garcia to have your own custom line. And free shipping means you don't have to be a millionaire — you'll just look like one.


With our neckwear, luxury means speed.

We offer three project turnaround time options to help you reach your goals. Need it fast? We take on urgent projects and will work with you to meet almost any deadline. The sooner you tell us your deadline, the sooner we can make it happen.

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*Turnaround time is for after sample approval.
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    As fast as 19 to 26 days*

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    As fast as 18 to 21 days*

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    As fast as 12 days*

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The classiest design, the highest quality, the fastest production. Standard features of every piece of The/Studio neckwear.

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  • Can you embroider my logo onto my tie?

    Yes, embroidery is something of a speciality of ours and available for both neckties and bow ties. For neckties, most customers choose to embroider their logo in one of two locations: midway along the tie, so that when worn it will fall just above where your blazer parts above the buttons, or near the bottom of the necktie in the center so as to be visible where your jacket parts below the buttons. For either of these options, we recommend you measure your favorite blazer with a tie to ensure accurate placement of logos.

    For bow ties, customers often choose to embroider symmetrical designs so that the embroidered design achieves symmetry when knotted; however, we can do different designs on either side or just one design as you prefer. If you wish to spell a word out across the bow tie, we recommend lettering to be bold and over 5 mm tall, and mindfulness that the tie knot will somewhat bunch any writing.

  • Can you add text or letters onto my tie?

    Yes. But to ensure legibility, letters should be at least 3 mm tall for printed designs, 4 mm tall for Jacquard woven lettering, and 5 mm tall for embroidered letters.

  • How many colors can I include on my tie?

    The number of colors that can be included for Jacquard woven ties is limited to five Pantone-matched threads. For printed ties, you can incorporate unlimited colors and color gradients.

  • What size are your ties?

    The measurements of your tie depend on the style you choose. We hold the following list of measurements as standard for each style, but we are more than happy to customize the length and width to better fit your needs, and in most cases do so at no extra charge:

    Neckies standard sizes:

    • Skinny Necktie: 2″ wide (5 cm) at widest point near tip by 57″ (or 145 cm) length
    • Slim Necktie: 2 1/3″ wide (6 cm) at widest point near tip by 57″ (or 145 cm) length
    • Regular Necktie: 2 3/4″ wide (7 cm) at widest point near tip by 57″ (or 145 cm) length
    • Wide Necktie: 3 1/6″ wide (8 cm) at widest point near tip by 57″ (or 145 cm) length

    Bow ties standard sizes:

    • Self-Tied Bowtie: The entire bow tie laid flat is 2 1/3″ tall (6.5 cm) at the widest part of the bow tie wings, 3/4″ wide (2 cm) along the neckband, and by 33″ to 36″ long (84 to 96 cm), suitable for most adult neck sizes.
    • Pre-Tied Bow ties: The bow tie alone is 2 1/3″” tall (6 cm) by 4 3/4″ wide (12 cm), and the neck strap can adjust to your neck size from X to X inches in circumference, suitable for most adult neck sizes.

  • Can I make a tie with in a custom shape?

    Yes. All tie styles can be woven into custom shapes that are not listed here, but there may be some limitations. Let your creative specialist know what you’re thinking, and they’ll confirm whether or not we are able to accommodate your unique tie shape.

  • How do I adjust my bow tie?

    Most adjustable self-tie bow ties include metal or plastic hardware with horizontal slit openings on the inside of the band, where a T-shaped piece will slide and lock into. From there you take the strap of the pre-tied bow tie around your neck, and the sliding piece that slides freely on the strap.

    But most pre-tied bow have a metal or plastic hook and loop mechanism to easily wrap the band around your neck and connect the band to the back of the knot. Once fastened, the band is able to be adjusted freely with the sliding piece mechanism alone.


  • How are your ties and tie bars priced?

    We put a lot of thought into our prices. Some of the more important variables are quantity, stylistic add-ons, size and “surface area” of the modifications  — i.e.,  how much printing or other graphically-related work does the project require? The person most equipped to give you a price for your product is your sale representative or our useful DIY — both can give you a detailed analysis of your quote and what things featured into our per-item price. Happy hunting!

Product usage

  • What is the best fabric material for my design?

    This question is best answered by what your goals for the tie are. If price is a key factor, polyester is the most affordable but cotton is only marginally more expensive; silk, being the most classic and high-quality choice, is the most expensive.

    For that reason, if texture and basic fabric appearance are most important, than silk provides a much more subtle and suave luster than polyester. Cotton is softest, and does not reflect light, making it suitable for warm blazers like tweed and corduroy.

    If you’re looking to sport a printed tie, then polyester is the most capable of capturing crisp photo-quality printing. While cotton material can receive printing too, we require larger order sizes for this printed cotton option and the fabric does not receive ink as clearly as polyester.

    All three materials can be created using Jacquard weave with colored threads — with up to 5 pantone match threads. In terms of pattern intricacy, most designs and tie patterns do not pose problems with any of the fabric choices. That being said, silk can accommodate the most intricate of patterns due to the fineness of its threads; cotton is heavier and unable to be as tightly woven as silk, making it suitable for less detailed designs.


  • Will I get a physical or photographic sample before my entire order is manufactured and shipped?

    We do typically email you sample photos for your order, as a final check before full production, but do not ship physical samples for nearly all orders. This process gets you your order faster, as well.

    If you would like us to manufacture a sample for your approval before we produce the full order, there will be extra charges to run the single-object manufacturing and your turnaround time will increase. We could also ship the physical sample to you for a full tactile experience, requiring an added fee of $100.00 for express shipping, and an increased turnaround time of 3 to 6 days.

    We do not provide sample orders at discounted pricing; your full invoice must be paid before we produce a sample.

    And remember, if you choose not to receive a sample photo or shipment, then you can receive your ties 5 to 7 days quicker, for a total turnaround time of 13 to 25 days.

  • Do you have a minimum order quantity for ties or tie bars?

    No, we don’t. If you’re looking for a no-minimum ties or tie bars producer, we’re one of the few folks who do that. Still, we recommend that if you’re going the through trouble to order one, you might as well have a dozen or more made — your sales representative would be happy to show how the per-price unit goes down tremendously after even ten items. That’s because we spread the cost of your unique tie or tie bar’s set-up across however many that you order.

    That said, if you want something that’s truly one of a kind, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be happy to make a limited edition run of just one.

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