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Custom Aprons

Quality in any style with sides of free shipping and design assistance.

Custom Aprons

Quality in any style with sides of free shipping and design assistance.

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Add one cup of quality and customize to taste.

The/Studio custom aprons come tailored specifically for your usage and flair, with every option featuring the same degree of customization. For the servers and barmen out front, try on a waist-length aprons— or heavy-duty full-lengths for grillmasters and chefs. The buffet of choices continues with custom embroidery and screenprinting, deep pockets or no pockets and even full-apron image printing.  Different fabric types mean that those who wear aprons in pottery, painting or other art projects finally have aprons that can survive lots of washing. And our free expert design and shipping means more time in the kitchen — or the studio, or bar... wherever your creation takes you.


With our aprons, quality is served up fast.

Choose between these three turnaround times depending on your needs. Need it in five minutes? We take on ultra-urgent projects if we're confident we can do them. The sooner you let your representative know your deadline, the sooner we can make it happen.

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*Turnaround time is for after sample approval.
  • Standard
    As fast as 15 to 22 days*

  • Rush
    As fast as 12 to 15 days*

  • Urgent
    As fast as 7 days*

How it works

True Customization™ means no aprons on a diet.

  • Step 01

    Complimentary Design
  • Step 02

    Worldclass Production
  • Step 03

    Blazing Fast Delivery
Make a custom product now!

The/Studio Guarantee

The classiest design, the highest quality, the fastest production. Standard features of every The/Studio apron.

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See Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I get a digital proof of my design?

    Yes. At the end of the complementary design process you’ll receive a digital mockup. This is exactly what we’ll send to the factory and is provided within one to two business days after payment of your invoice — or before if you request it. If it’s not exactly what you were imagining, send it back with some requested changes — and if it’s exactly what you want, get your order started by approving it.

  • How many colors can my design have?

    Screen printed apron designs can receive a maximum 10 colors for traditional spot screen printing (solid colors only, no gradients).

    Embroidery can accommodate up to nine colors per location, but we advise no more than five for clarity’s sake.

    Both screen printing and embroidery can be applied to a single apron. Simple but brilliant, like chocolate-dipped bacon.

    Full-color printing is the only option that allows for unlimited colors and color gradients. Dye sublimation full-color printing is available at low quantities in only one style/SKU, but we offer cut and sew aprons, too — although generally requiring higher quantities before they become an economical choice with the highest level of customization.

  • Can I print or embroider on the back of my aprons?

    We never say no if we can do it, so of course you can. In our opinion, though, this rarely turns out well since the ink may soak through and be visible on the front.

    For the same reasons, embroidery on the back is not recommended although possible. Embroidery is stitched directly into the fabric, and looks great on the side the design that it’s supposed to be viewed from, but the reverse never looks quite as good.

  • I have a photograph. Can you make it into an apron for me?

    Yes, but photographic prints require special printing methods and you have a choice here. Our most popular method is the dye-sublimated aprons style for edge-to-edge printing. We can also do full-color digital print on cut and sew aprons using digital or CMYK printing techniques.

    In all cases, you will need to provide a high resolution photograph at 300 DPI (dots per inch) or higher, measuring the same as the area is it will be printed on. If you cannot provide this kind of image, we can not recommend printing your photo as it’ll come out rather blurry.

  • What sizes do your aprons come in?

    Sizes are listed in the handy DIY. Just click on the style you’re interested in, and in the popup you’ll see the description containing exact measurements.

  • What fabric are your aprons made of?

    That depends on the style or specific SKU/model. Check out the DIY for further information.

  • What’s the difference between “server” aprons and regular aprons?

    The pockets of server aprons are specifically designed to hold the tools of the food service trade, like a specialized thin pocket for a pen and another area for the order pad. These also tend to only cover a server’s’ waist and legs, allowing them a more professional presentation. The regular aprons have pockets which tend to be deeper and, more importantly, extend to the neck ot keep a chef clean.


  • Will I get a physical or photographic sample before my entire order is manufactured and shipped?

    We do not typically provide samples for our aprons; our expertise in embroidery and printing means that what you see in your mockup is exactly what the factory uses during the production process and exactly what you get in the mail. This also allows us to ensure an excellent turnaround time.

    If you do require a physical sample shipped to your address before full production, we can do that too; of course,  your turnaround time will increase accordingly. An extra sample/shipping fee will also be added to your invoice.

    We do not provide sample photos or physical sample shipments at a discount rate. Your order invoice must be paid in full before any sample is provided.

Product usage

  • Are your aprons safe for use by children?

    Due to entanglement, choking and suffocation risks, we do not intend our aprons to be used by children 12 and under.

If we were a restaurant, we'd have five stars.

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