Divot Tools

A well-used divot tool indicates a love of the game.
Most golfers leave paths of destruction behind them on the greens; you're here because you're not one of them.
Our custom divot tools can be crafted to vividly represent any logo, brand or design you have in mind; the integrated ball marker and optional clip can ensure continued use in an age of useless golf gadgets.
From rugged metallic finishes to sleek enameling, our divot tools will catch eyes and turn heads. And most importantly, they'll fix the craters of even the meanest, longest drives to the green.
Divot Tools

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Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

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Fast Turnaround

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Free Shipping

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Free Design

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Production Sample

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Common Questions


Will I get a physical or photographic sample before my entire order is manufactured and shipped?

ince their approved mockup and actual manufactured divot tools and markers rarely differ from one another, we do not typically produce a physical samples for most orders. Instead we provide a industrial grade technical mockup (CAD), so that you can see the exact file that our factory equipment will use to actually shape your piece. This process gets you your order faster while still delivering a high-quality product.

For deluxe printed, hard enamel, and enamel divot tools or markers, we are able to manufacture a sample for you as a final check before full production, if you so desire. Fees may apply and your turnaround time will increase.

Photograph samples are free and available upon request, and will entail an increased turnaround time of 7 to 10 days. We could also ship the physical sample to you for a full tactile experience, requiring an added fee of for express shipping and an additional turnaround time of 10 to 13 days.

We do not provide sample orders at discounted pricing; your full invoice must be paid before we produce a sample.

What letter sizes are offered on divot tools and markers?

Take a look at the following list of size ranges for each style. If you require a height, width, or thickness outside the following range, there will be an upcharge determined on a case-by-case basis.

Laser engraving: 1.5 mm text or taller
Die struck / enamel colors: 2.0 mm text or taller
Offset print with dome divot tool or marker: 1.5 mm text or taller.

Can I make a divot tool or marker with a custom shape?

Yes. Enamel, deluxe printed designs can be fashioned into custom shapes that are not listed here, but there may be some size and design limitations. If the shape you’re thinking of requires your divot tool or marker size to exceed the standard range, then there may be an added charge. Let your creative specialist know what you have in mind, and they’ll confirm whether or not we can accommodate it.

What does “marker release” mean?

The marker release is the small depression alongside “holder” in a divot tool that aids in popping it out. We offer three depths for this depression: ⅓ Recessed Push, ½ Recessed Push and ⅔ Recessed Push.

We also offer two non-standard selections: one with with no depression at all, called the “flat side”, and the other with an opening behind the marker, so it can be popped out with a tee or pencil.


How do you price your divot tools?

We put a lot of thought into our prices. Some of the more important variables are quantity, stylistic add-ons, size and “surface area” of the modifications  — i.e.,  how much printing or other graphically-related work does the project require? The person most equipped to give you a price for your product is your sale representative or our useful Create Your Product tool — both can give you a detailed analysis of your quote and what things featured into our per-item price.


Do you have a minimum order quantity for divot tools?

No, we don’t. If you’re looking for a no-minimum divot tool producer, we’re one of the few folks who do that. Still, we recommend that if you’re going the through trouble to order one, you might as well have a dozen or more made — your sales representative would be happy to show how the per-price unit goes down tremendously after even ten items. That’s because we spread the cost of your unique custom divot tool’s set-up across however many that you order.

That said, if you want something that’s truly one of a kind, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be happy to make a limited edition run of just one.


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