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  • Do I get a free digital mock-up of my custom product?

    Yes. At the end of the complementary design process, in which you’ll have unlimited control over the creative direction, you’ll receive a digital mockup. This is exactly what we’ll send to the factory and is provided within one to two business days after payment of your invoice or before if you request it. If it’s not exactly what you were imagining, send it back for further perfecting — and if it’s exactly what you want, send it to our factories immediately by approving it.

  • Will I get a physical or photographic sample before my entire order is shipped or made?

    We do not typically provide physical samples for our products; our expertise in custom manufacturing means that what you see in your technical mockup is exactly what the factory uses during the production process and exactly what you get in the mail. This also allows us to ensure an excellent turnaround time.

    We can manufacture a sample and send you a photo, however, before we go into full-production. This allows you to see a real product and note any last-minute changes. If you do require a physical sample shipped to your address before full production, we can do that too; of course,  your turnaround time will increase in proportion to the shipping time and the time required for you to examine the product and approve it.

    For both options, an extra fee may be added to your invoice. Accordingly, we recommend this option for very large orders that can be taken more slowly and do not have an impending deadline.

    We do not provide sample photos or physical sample shipments at a discount rate. Your order invoice must be paid in full before any sample is provided.


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