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Articles on designing your own custom merch, growing your brand, and managing manufacturing as a small business.

Large Corporations Trust Patches by The/Studio

At Patches by The/Studio we pride ourselves on serving both large and small corporations and organizations.  We take pride in serving both small and large companies.  It is always reassuring to us when some of the largest brands in the world choose us to produce their custom patches.

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Patches by The/Studio Makes Name Patches

Name patches are an absolute necessity for many company's and organizations that require their staff to wear uniforms.  Name patches look much more professional and official than name badges, and they are also sewn onto the uniforms which avoids the possibility that someone may forget their name badge.  We have seen that name patches are a staple amongst EMS / Ambulance related jobs, auto service companies, landscaping companies, janitorial companies, security, hospitals and other service related industries.

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Patches by The/Studio Produced the Patches For Arena Bowl XXV

In 1987 an American tradition began on the football field of the Pittsburgh Civic Center.  The tradition was the first Arena Bowl hosted by the Pittsburgh Civic Center for the benefit of the Arena Football League.  The first of these clashes which was coined Arena Bowl I was between the Denver Dynamite and the Pittsburgh Gladiators.  

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Fire Department Custom Embroidered Patches

One of our best customer's are fire departments.  In this blog we will feature some fire departments that we have produced patches for recently.  The first patch was produced for a group of bikers within the New York City Fire Department, who wanted to proudly proclaim their association with the NYFD on their biker apparel.  

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Outdoor Patches

With summer fast approaching, there will be countless camping trips , fishing  trips and other fun outdoor activities. Outdoor patches are a great way to memorialize your outdoor adventures, we can capture any scenic outdoor surrounding! I want to get you ready for summer so I am going to go over the special options, material and backings that are popular amongst outdoor enthusiast. After reading this blog you will be ready for your outdoor activities! 

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