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Outdoor Patches

November 29, 2015

With summer fast approaching, there will be countless camping trips , fishing  trips and other fun outdoor activities. Outdoor patches are a great way to memorialize your outdoor adventures, we can capture any scenic outdoor surrounding! I want to get you ready for summer so I am going to go over the special options, material and backings that are popular amongst outdoor enthusiast. After reading this blog you will be ready for your outdoor activities! 

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Patriotic Patches

November 27, 2015

There is nothing like showing off your patriotism with a custom patch. Fourth Of July is just around the corner, there will be parades , BBQS and fire work shows. A custom patriotic patch will put you in the spirit of Independence Day and truly make you proud to be an American.

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Why Blog About Custom Patches?

November 26, 2015

Blogs became increasingly popular in 2011, now in 2013 you can't go to any website without seeing their blog. They have become a phenomenon, and Patches by The/Studio is no different than any other company, we just couldn't stay away from this internet marvel. When people find out that I write a blog for a patch company , they always ask me "why blog about patches?" And then I respond, "why not?". I give them this short answer because there are so many reasons.

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Introducing The Mascot of Patches by The/Studio

November 25, 2015

I would like to introduce you to our mascot at Patches by The/Studio , her name is Monroe! Monroe is my Siberian Husky , she is named after the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Ms. Monroe was born to be a mascot , she has an extraordinary personality and puts a smile on everyone's face. She will be 3 years old on August 27th and of course all of her co-workers will be attending her Birthday party! I bet your wondering how Ms. Monroe became the official mascot for Patches by The/Studio , where should  I began?

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Learning about Woven Patches by Susan

March 30, 2015

Woven Patches   This week we finished writing all of the woven patch information and we set up the website….

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Custom Embroidered Adhesive Patch

December 19, 2014

Are you considering giving out embroidered patches as a promotional item?  Or do you want people to be able to easily adhere your logo to their clothing or even furniture?  The solution is our adhesive patches, which we only charge an additional 10% for.

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