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Custom Shirts

Who wants to wear a shirt that
everyone else is wearing?

Custom Shirts

Who wants to wear a shirt that
everyone else is wearing?

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What do your shirts say about your group?

We believe the details of shirts should be up to you, right down to their labeling and thread types — and all those details should be carried out by factories that are working for the big global brands so the quality of your items is just as good. They should be of high enough quality that people can wear them hundreds of times — and good-looking enough that they'll want to. At The/Studio, you'll never have to compromise between the two.

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  • How do you price your shirts?

    We put a lot of thought into our prices. Some of the more important variables are quantity, stylistic add-ons, size and “surface area” of the modifications  — i.e.,  how much printing, sowing or other graphically-related work does the project require? The person most equipped to give you a price for your product is your sale representative or our useful DIY — both can give you a detailed analysis of your quote and what things featured into our per-item price. Happy hunting!


  • Do you have a minimum order quantity for shirts?

    No, we don’t. If you’re looking for a no-minimum shirt producer, we’re one of the few folks who do that. Still, we recommend that if you’re going the through trouble to order one, you might as well have a dozen or more made — your sales representative would be happy to show how the per-price unit goes down tremendously after even ten items. That’s because we spread the cost of your unique custom shirt’s set-up across however many that you order.

    That said, if you want something that’s truly one of a kind, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be happy to make a limited edition run of just one.