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About The/Studio

The/Studio is a real studio, with real people, and real factories that is revolutionizing how you design, manufacture, and sell custom products. We provide groups and individuals with their own private workshop, no prior knowledge or skill required. We have the tools to create, the experts to guide you, and the channels to manufacture the professional quality custom apparel, accessories, and promotional items that you never dreamed you could make. We produce whatever you have in mind – quality and satisfaction guaranteed – with a seamless experience from idea to finished item.

Our roots began as a custom patch supplier and we quickly became the largest supplier of custom patches in the United States (and arguably in the World!) We were inspired by the diversity of designs and the imagination of our customers, so we made the decision to expand our product offerings to further satisfy the creative aspirations of our customers. The/Studio has since added multiple products to our line-up including: wristbands, lanyards, magnets, coasters, key chains, tumblers, lapel pins, challenge coins, hang tags, woven labels, t-shirts, polos, caps, name patches, printed patches, PVC patches, woven patches, and chenille patches.

In 2016 we will further launch 72 additional custom products as well as two new cutting edge platforms to benefit our customers, new and old alike: The/Studio Crowdfunding Platform – where we harness the power of the community to eliminate financial risk and distribution barriers, thereby offering our customers a risk-free opportunity to exercise their creative muscles, and The/Studio Marketplace – where we leverage the benefits of multichannel e-commerce to allow our customers to sell products that they have previously made with our services.