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Have an idea for a patch?

It always starts with an idea. You need a company that will turn your idea into reality. A Creative Specialist from The/Studio will walk you through the entire process of turning your idea into a high-quality embroidered patch.


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Let us know how many patches you need, how you want them to look, and when your delivery deadline is. Our standard delivery time is 8–12 business days, but we have a super-rush delivery option that is faster than any other company in our industry. One of our Creative Specialists will email and call you to provide you with a price quote as well as various options to ensure that we meet your budget and needs.


Mock-up Process

The first major step is for our Creative Specialist to work with you and our in-house team to design a patch to your specifications. Some of our customers only have an idea and no formal design at all. Free of charge, our Creative Specialists will learn from you what your idea and expectations are, and that will be communicated to our design team. Other customers require less help and only need their design to be touched up or slightly modified for preparation to be sewn onto an embroidered patch. Once your design is confirmed, we are ready for the next step.


Digitizing your patch design

Digitizing is the art of translating your image into a CAD design that instructs the embroidery machine how to bring your design into the physical world. We intentionally call digitizing an “art” because if your design is not digitized properly, the patch will not look good. Most companies don’t understand this and they actually outsource the CAD work to other companies. Our experience in fashion how taught us  vital it is for the digitizing team to work in-house closely with the customer and our team.


Production & Quality Control

After the digitizing is complete, we forward your order to our production team. The team analyzes your order and they purchases all of the materials necessary to produce your patch. They determine which factories we need to work with to produce your order correctly and on time. This production person follows your order throughout the entire process and does a final quality-control check once your order is complete. Before starting on the full production of your embroidered patch, we will produce one sample for you to approve. If you don’t like the sample, we will continue to edit the sample at no charge until you are 100% satisfied.



Once you have approved your patch, our production person follows your order throughout the entire process and does a final quality-control check once your order is complete.



When your order is complete, it is shipped to our warehouse, at which point we deliver your customized order to you via FedEx, DHL, or USPS free of charge.


After Sales Service

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the patch you received, give us a call and we’ll address any issues you have. We pride ourselves on being the best in the industry, and although our products are highly customized and we produce thousands of individual orders every month, less than 1% of our orders ever have any problems. However, because it is a customized product, there are sometimes issues and we are happy to assist you if any arise. Your long-term satisfaction is our goal.