About Us


The/Studio is an on-demand manufacturing platform that was built to make manufacturing simple. We created technology and built up a network of factories that give you the ability to magically manufacture products. Our model was built around doing manufacturing differently, which is why you will have access to no MOQs, quick turnaround times, competitive pricing, and trust in your supply chain; all managed in the cloud.

Our Team

The/Studio is a global community with members in North America, Europe and Asia. At any given point, at least half of our staff is up and driving your order to completion. So relax, go to bed or work on your business — The/Studio will be working night and day to make your project happen.

Our Customers

With 580,678 satisfied customers, The/Studio never stands still.

At The/Studio, we’ve worked with some of the world’s most famous fashion brands, tech giants, and influencers. However, we are equally as proud of the manufacturing projects that we have done for weddings, sporting events and small fashion brands ones which you will never know about, and ones which might one day become famous brands. The power of The/Studio is networking a diverse group of customers that collectively give you the buying power to manufacture like the world’s largest brand

Our Factories

With over 4752 machines, The/Studio never stops.

We curate factories around the world to provide you with the most class-act and expedited manufacturing experience possible. We harness the highest-tech plants and oversee them with our proprietary infrastructure to deliver the exacting quality you deserve — hour after hour, day after day, year after year.

Our Story

With over 10 years of experience, The/Studio never gets old.

The CEO & Founder of The/Studio, Joseph Heller worked in China for over 10 years helping fashion brands and large retailers with their manufacturing needs. He realized that the world was changing and that manufacturing was stuck in a 19th century paradigm. Brands both large and small could carve out captive niches online, customers expected products right away, customers taste in trends changed quickly and technology was giving brands the ability to understand what their customers wanted.

However, the supply chain was built for a world that no longer existed. When massive national brands and chains could get away with just four seasons and dictated what people would wear. Joseph saw that the world needed a supply chain where brands and individuals could order on-demand without minimum order requirements, the ability to manage their orders on the cloud, to have complete visibility into the supply chain and to be rest assured that products were sourced ethically and will be high quality.