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With 389 employees, The/Studio never sleeps.

The/Studio is a global community with members in North America, Europe and Asia. At any given point, at least half of our staff is up and driving your order to completion. So relax, go to bed or work on your business — The/Studio will be working night and day to make your project happen.

  • Joseph Heller

    CEO and Founder

    Favorite product?
    Custom patches. It’s our first product, and represents the heritage of The/Studio.

    Greg McCurley


    Favorite product?
    Challenge coins. Why? It’s just amazing the variations we’re able to accomplish with coin designs. To take something so small and communicate so much in a small, memorable package.

    Jonah Wong

    Vice President of Operations

    Favorite product?
    Money clips. Classy minimalistic accessory with utility you can use everyday. It’s a great gift that has a lasting impression.

  • Radu Ghita


    Favorite product?

    Our t-shirts; everyday fashion that even our office dog can enjoy with a little help.

    Gabriel Colita


    Favorite product?

    The money clips — form and utility, can’t miss.

    Asif Ebrahim

    General Manager of Sales

    Favorite product?
    Our custom coins as they look awesome and are great long-term memorabilia.

  • Jehan Loren

    Community Manager

    Favorite product?
    My favorite custom product are our patches. Patches are so versatile and they are making quite the fashion comeback!

    Cathy Heller

    U.S. Administrative Manager

    Favorite product?
    My favorite custom product is our embroidered patches. That was the first item that our company began producing and it is still a favorite of mine. The threads are beautiful and when merged together into a beautiful design, it is just illuminating! It is art in such a unique form.

    Nina Ballado

    Customer Service Manager

    Favorite product?

    Custom caps — they’re cool, useful, and can be made to look like any style we want.

  • Katrina Zhang

    Chinese Administrative Manager

    Favorite product?

    Our shopping totes. Not only do they look good but are far better for the environment since they’re reusable.


    David Wong

    Global Production Manager

    Favorite product?

    I like all of our metal products. Each was first carefully designed, then translated step-by-step into real products all by professional factories.

    David Zhang

    Logistics and Quality Control Manager

    Favorite product?

    Dog tags. They’re subtle but full of expression.

  • Matthew Eley

    Interim Content Manager

    Favorite product?
    Challenge coins. I’m a bit of numatist and coins are fascinating; they can tell an immense story with simply two pages.

    Chinese New Year

    The New Year is as big a holiday for our Chinese employees as Christmas is for our American ones. It’s an excellent excuse to go out for dinner and take in the cuisine, too.

    A Day at the Beach

    The sunny Philippine beaches not far from our Manila offices are an ideal spot for soaking up the sun and a little R&R.

  • Visiting the Factory

    We don’t like to sit around too much. Going to our factories on a routine basis lets us make sure our standards are being met, the workers are doing well and most importantly, get our hands dirty.

With over 10 years of experience, The/Studio never gets old.

We’ve got more than a decade of manufacturing experience under our belt and we’re just getting started. Combining an experienced approach with the innovation of a company that’s brought the custom manufacturing business into the 21st century, The/Studio is poised to shake things up — again.

    • Our First Patch
      Our Story 2006

      Our First Patch

      Back when we were just an embroidery design firm headquartered in a Shenzhen loft, a customer asked us to make one hundred paintball patches. We said we'd see what we could do. An order that size was unimaginably small for the time, and we were laughed or kicked out of a dozen factories. Once we finally succeeded, we decided that this was an experience no one should have to endure. With the goal of a revolutionarily different future for the custom apparel industry, The/Studio was born.

    • Our First Rebrand
      Our Story 2011

      Our First Rebrand

      We've had a few rebrands over the years, but this was the first to really stick. Five years after that first order, we had beaten our way to the top as the world's premier custom patch maker. Far from getting kicked out of factories, we commanded the lowest prices and minimum-order-quantities — setting the industry standard at just one patch. Like our logo suggested, our lamps were always on as more and more orders flowed in.

    • The/Studio Factory Cloud Launched
      Our Story 2014

      The/Studio Factory Cloud Launched

      In 2014, we launched The/Studio Factory Cloud, a sophisticated, in-house interface that brought the customer closer than ever to the factory floor. Factory Cloud connected our customers to the exact same database with which our manufacturers and designers were working, and raised the industry bar for openness during the customer's experience. Our customers were becoming colleagues.

    • Inc. 5000 Induction
      Our Story 2015

      Inc. 5000 Induction

      Being a member of the Inc. 5000 signifies the amount of dedication we've poured into being a company that deserves its great customers. Inc. 5000 members are among the top one percent of U.S. businesses in terms of growth and success, and are some of the best businesses to work with.

    • Thirty-six New Products
      Our Story 2015

      Thirty-six New Products

      Our Inc. 5000 membership didn't give us an excuse to kick back. We hustled even harder to deliver thirty-six new products that were the same caliber of quality as our legendary patches and powered by the same world-class IT system.

    • The/Studio Democracy Launched
      Our Story 2016

      The/Studio Democracy Launched

      After years of catering to brands as big as H&M and Nike, we launched The/Studio Democracy, a crowdfunded powerhouse the connects customers with the same factory-level customization that international corporations get to use. All at no cost to customers — free design, great customer service, just like always. We consider this our flagship product, because it brings us back to our original sort of customer — small brands with a great idea worth making a reality.

    • Seventy-two New Products
      Our Story 2016

      Seventy-two New Products

      With Democracy released, we turned our focus to expanding the breath of products both on that platform to our regular platform. 2016 is truly the year where, for the first time, someone could outfit their entire wardrobe only with The/Studio items. We think it'd be a stylish collection.