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  • September 24, 2016

    Now offering 35% off the hottest start-up in Silicon Valley — read about it here.

    Whether you’ve worked with The/Studio for a few years or are about to place your first order, you’ll notice there’s a definite buzz around here. The year’s not over and we’ve already made it one of our biggest and most expansive, with a brand new website and loads of attention in Silicon Valley.

    This next week, our CEO Joseph Heller is in San Francisco pitching to the G-Startup Worldwide Pitch competition, thanks to the support of our friends on Facebook. We’re celebrating with a 35% off the entire site sale while he’s in California telling venture capital firms the story of The/Studio and its customers.

    As a custom manufacturer, we’re only as awesome as our fans. That’s why our success hinges on the success of customers — and as a The/Studio customer, you’re in some of the best company around. In the last year, orders for Nike, Tesla, NASA, the Secret Service, American Apparel, Absolut Vodka and more shipped out from our offices alongside your custom gear. We live for the challenge of a custom order that would be impossible to source anywhere else.

    Just this month we worked closely with celebrity Amber Rose to cater to her 12.4 million — no need to adjust your monitors, that figure was right — fans at an event in Los Angeles. Providing her with creative, unique and downright  edgy custom goods in a matter of weeks instead of months, and supplementing it with a smooth online buying experience, was another day at the office for us.

    Be on the lookout for news these comings months that will mean even wider ranges of product choice, item customization and pricing options for customers of The/Studio. If you’re thinking of starting a brand or giving your group that extra element of flair, now’s the time to begin. We have great news coming before 2016 is through.

    Starting out, we couldn’t have imagined The/Studio you’ve helped create — and we can’t wait to see where working with you will take us ten years from now. We’ve helped brands grow up, groups get big, parties get thrown and products get sold — and we think that the story of you and The/Studio is just getting started.

    To get your discount, please mention this blog post to your sales representative; if you’re using our DIY, type “GOODLUCK35” in your notes section for the discount (to be applied after your order).


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  • September 14, 2016

    Couture For Women On A Budget

    Meet our Customer of the Week, Veronaca Simpson

    I want to introduce you to Veronaca Simpson, a fashion extraordinaire. She describes in her own words her life of couture!   

    The/Studio: Tell our community about CaVerona Couture!

    Veronaca: CaVerona Couture gives everyday women confidence, individualism and style to be worn every day. CaVerona Couture wants to give the working mothers, wives, college students… a chance to also be fashionistas, but at bargain prices.  Women want to feel unique, stand out in a crowd, and look well-put together and stylish but often cannot afford to do so. It is important for CaVerona Couture to display bold colors, various textures and tones of fabrics at prices that are reasonable to customers.

    Veronaca Simpson


    The/Studio: What made you start CaVerona Couture?

    Veronaca: As a teen, I began my love affair with fashion. I would often, put pieces together in a way that no one else would wear them. I would often get compliments on my style. As an adult, I still get compliments, but the compliments mean more being that I am usually complimented on my own pieces. Women began to ask me to make pieces for them. I obliged, and the rest is history, ‘CaVerona Couture’ has become a brand. The pieces that I create are one of a kind; I take pride in creating designs that are exclusive and unique for the individual.

    The/Studio: What about your fashion brand are you most proud of?

    Veronaca: Many things come to mind when I think of what I am proud of about CaVerona Couture.  I am most proud of seeing the progress in my sewing abilities, styling and knowledge of patterns and fabrics.  Implementing my ideas, and seeing them come to fruition is extremely gratifying. But there was something missing when completing my pieces. I needed labels.

    The/Studio: What is the story behind the product you created with The/Studio?

    Veronaca: The/Studio gave my fashion line the finishing touch of CaVerona Couture Labels that were needed. I have enjoyed my experience with The/Studio. The Studio staff was friendly, helpful, professional and motivating.  I felt as though they were just as excited for my vision as myself.  It assured me that I was making the correct choices and it felt good that they had my best interest at heart. My labels are a very important aspect to my designs, they act as the punctuation to the end of a sentence, makes my designs complete.

    The/Studio: Where do you see CaVerona in 10 years?

    Veronaca: In 10 years, I see CaVerona Couture distributing designs to boutiques as well as one or two boutiques of my own.  I also hope to have online sells via CaVerona Couture website. By then, I would hope to be financially able to give back to the community by donating clothing to homeless women, women reentering the work place after being incarcerated and to those who are in poverty and just want to feel good about themselves but can’t afford to do so.  As the saying goes, when you look good, you feel good.



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  • Celebrate Labor Day by Not Working Up a Sweat
    September 5, 2016

    Celebrate Labor Day by Not Working Up a Sweat

    by Matthew Eley

    Happy Labor Day

    We love hard work as much as anyone, but some labor is best to left the experts. While you’re celebrating the hard work of Americans across the country, spare yourself the sweat of trying to source your next batch of custom goods. We’re offering 25% off across the site today in honor of those who made it so we could work at our jobs and like it — and there’s nothing we love more than whipping up another batch of customized fashion and accessories.

    labor day


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  • Harrison Hugs, Inc.; Emergency Preparedness Provided to Schools

    Harrison Hugs, Inc.; Emergency Preparedness Provided to Schools


    Harrison Hugs, Inc.

    Kathie Parks and her children, a remarkable family, have turned their grief and sadness into a devotion to providing an instrument to schools that can aid in preventing the death from sudden cardiac arrest.

    We want you to read and share Kathie’s story and do whatever you can to help this very important organization:

    Kathie: I am Harrison Hugs, Inc’s Mum.  I am a mother of 4 beautiful children and an ER RN.  In March of 2014, my second eldest son died due to a sudden cardiac arrest.  This was and is a tremendous blow to our little family.   His brother and sisters and I decided we couldn’t let another feel the pain we felt, but what could we do?  We learned sudden cardiac arrest, which leads to death of many athletes and young people, doesn’t always have to end in death.  A simple device called an automated external defibrillator, AED, could make the difference between life and death in these situations, along with good CPR.

    An AED, sounded so simple and seems we have heard about them being everywhere, casinos and airports and malls.  When we inquired about the local schools having them, well we were shocked to hear the answer no.  But the most jaw dropping fact is California does NOT mandate schools to have AEDs on campuses, only recommends.  This was the birth of Harrison Hugs, Inc  in July of 2014.

    We decided the children and staff of the local school district, Simi Valley, deserved to have a heart safe school.  Harrison Hugs mission was then created.  Our goal is to provide AEDs to schools, train staff CPR/AED use, among other things.  We started going to school board meetings because you can’t just install an AED, there are many legal issues involved.  We needed approval from the board to accept the AED donations, train the staff, etc.   The board stepped up and went above and beyond my expectations.

    Our greatest moment is when the school board purchased 50 AEDs using bond money and agreed to pay for any staff member who wanted to be trained.  50 AEDs…that is enough for 1 for each school and 1 for each sport to have at all home and away events.  This was done by February 2015.  My non profit organization infancy was well on its way to toddlerhood. 

    We haven’t stopped there.  We’ve since donated 4 more AEDs to the school district to have more at larger middle schools; donated to a private school; donated to the local Boys & Girls Club; donated to a non profit girls softball league.  And we are nowhere near done.

    In 10 years I hope to see us everywhere, not necessarily our name, but by seeing an AED in any school I walk into in California.   I want to have challenged enough school districts to become Heart Safe Accredited that it something parents look for when searching for schools for their children.  Sudden cardiac arrests are going to happen, I want to make sure it doesn’t end in sudden cardiac death.  I want that statistic to change drastically in 10 years.

    Our legacy is my son Harrison.  Harrison Hugs is my son’s legacy.  He was known for helping people however they needed it, and giving hugs to everyone.  Harrison Hugs wants to be known for helping people when they need it most, but our biggest hope is that the AEDs are never needed. 

    Our first grant was from Firehouse Subs for $15,000 which purchased 10 AEDs.  It was an amazing day for us!  We have since donated them all! They requested a patch as they collect patches from groups they award grants to.  The remaining patches will be put on the soft carrying case of future donated AEDs. 

    Donations are the biggest way the community can help out right now.  Our website has a way to donate on there. Or send checks to the address listed.  And spreading the word of our organization and the work we do.  We want to help as many as we possibly can.  Harrison wouldn’t have it any other way!



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  • We’ve Been Working Hard so You Can Do It Yourself
    September 4, 2016

    We’ve Been Working Hard so You Can Do It Yourself

    Introducing The/Studio DIY

    By Matthew Eley

    As a custom clothing company, we’ll confess we like saving ourselves time almost as much as we love saving you time. Shaving hours and minutes off the process behind custom manufacturing is an integral part of our company’s DNA. And that’s why we’d like you to start doing things yourself.
    Before we came along, creating, sourcing and paying for a custom clothing order — small or large — would have been impossible in the vast wilderness of Chinese and American manufacturing. You might as well have told a pioneer that he could cross the American continent in a matter of days. But these are different times we’re living in — and a few weeks ago, we released a The/Studio exclusive that will tame the frontier almost as much as the train did.
    We call it The/Studio DIY. Our simple idea is that you should be able completely create an order for any one of our custom products and pay for it in a matter of minutes after you started, with the simplicity of ordering a pizza. Maybe simpler because pizza websites don’t have free design staffs. The/Studio DIY features the same great quality design service and support staff you’ve come to love — but now with instant gratification.
    Don’t get us wrong, we like doing all the hard work for you and we’ll still gladly field sales through our regular quote request venues like telephone and email service staff. But in the end helping you do this all yourself, instead of calling us first, goes back to the problem we set out to fix when we started years back. A decade ago, you needed connections, second and third languages and maybe a Harvard MBA to place a truly custom clothing order. And now, it’s as easy as buying anything else. Simplicity — a The/Studio exclusive.


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