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Custom Adhesive Patches

May 3, 2013

Custom Adhesive Patches

Some of our customers don’t like the word permanent, this word tends to scare them because it means forever, some of them don’t want to commit to the same patch forever, for these customers we offer custom adhesive patches. Adhesive backings are temporary, this is the best option for our commitment patch phobia customers!

Our custom adhesive patches can easily be adhered to clothing , furniture , laptops etc. We use an adhesive that is stronger than the adhesive used on your average sticker, these backings are durable and sturdy for a single use on clothes but can be adhered permanently onto hard surfaces, I know I used the word permanent but that’s only if you want it to be.

Custom adhesive patches are great for promotional purposes because your potential customers will be inclined to affix the embroidered emblems onto their clothing, this will give your company amazing exposure. And if you change your mind and want to keep your custom insignia permanently, you can always sew the patch onto your clothes. Custom adhesive patches are great to take to trade shows are work mixers.

Custom adhesive patches are recommended for last minute orders, say you have an event in 2 weeks and you receive your patches on your deadline, you won’t have the time to sew or iron on your patches, an adhesive patch takes two seconds to adhere. Also they are also cost effective.

Custom adhesive patches are a great option, they are sturdy and durable and will last your entire event and until your ready to take it off. They can adhere to any material and to any hard surface, so commitment patch phobia customers have no fear, adhesive is here!

custom adhesive patches

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