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Custom Biker Patches

Bikers are one of our most favorite and loyal customers. What is a biker without their custom biker patch? Custom biker patches are the identity of a biker , they represent who they are and what they are about. A custom biker patch is not easy to earn , you have to be committed to your biker group and you have to exhibit loyalty to your fellow bikers. It’s an honor to wear a custom biker patch , not a privilege.

We are so proud to be apart of this biker tradition , we have created thousands of custom biker patches. We know exactly what it takes to create an extraordinary patch , we have a plethora of patch options specifically for bikers. I would like to share with you , special options , material and backing options that are most popular with our biker customers.


One of the most common patch options for bikers is top and bottom rockers. Usually the top rocker will state your biker group’s name and the bottom rocker will state where you are from. These rockers really set the custom insignia , it makes the biker patch come together beautifully. We offer them in an arch shape and we can also make them appear to be “bent’ or “blowing in the wind”. You can choose just a bottom rocker or a top rocker or both , the choice is all yours. We sell the top , bottom and center piece separately.


Vintage worn style patches are also very common with bikers , this style patch will give your custom biker patch a classic feel.


Choosing the correct backing for your biker patch is very important , most biker emblems adhered to leather jackets or vest, so not every backing is suitable for leather. The best backing option for leather is sew-on , this option is durable and won’t damage your leather. Please note , that iron-on backing is not a suitable option because the heat of the iron will cause damage to leather.


Below are some of my favorite custom biker patches we have created. They are all amazing! The quality and detail to them are perfection. Our designers and  creative specialist are very knowledgeable about custom biker patches. If you don’t have a design yet , our designer can create a special and unique design for you. And our creative specialist can suggest special options or material (s) that will bring your design to life!


At Patches by The/Studio we understand the significance a patch is to a biker. We will create a custom patch that embodies the freedom and spirit that bikers have. Your patch will be created with the a Harley Davidson and a open road in mind , your patch will be fit for a bike queen or king.







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