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Custom Cheerleading Patches

Give me an P
Give me an A
Give me an T
Give me an C
Give me an H
Give me an E
Give me an S

What Does that spell??? Patches

Go Patches!!!!

I’m sure everyone has heard this popular cheerleading cheer. When I was a cheerleader , this was my favorite cheer because it was short but sweet and always got the crowd going! My years of cheerleading are behind me but in my mind I am an cheerleader for Patches by The/Studio. I believe in my team and I strongly believe in our products so at times I can’t help but cheer and chant for Patches by The/Studio. Now instead of saying “go Tigers” and yelling “defense” I now say “Go patches by the/Studio” and yell “Custom Patches“.

Cheerleaders are a must at any basketball game or football game , they keep the crowd happy and encourage the team. You can seem them on the sidelines with their pom -poms and cute uniforms awaiting a reason to cheer and kick. In my opinion cheerleaders are the heart of a game and they are an integral part of the team’s spirit.

We have created many custom patches for cheerleading teams. I love receiving patch orders from cheerleaders because it’s a very nostalgic experience for me and not to mention cheerleaders make very bubbly customers! I would like to show you some of the embroidered emblems we have created for our spirited customers. I think you will find that Patches by The/Studio is the perfect patch company. As a former cheerleader , I know exactly what cheerleaders want!

What Are Some Examples Of Custom Cheerleading Patches?

The first custom emblem you see below was created for the 2012 Palomar Conference Cheer And Dance Competition in San Diego. We created these custom patches using 100% embroidery. My favorite part about these custom emblems are the stage lights, they have such detail to them.

The second custom embroidered patch you see below was also created for a cheer competition.  We created 2,000 custom patches using 75% embroidery coverage. We used red, white and blue thread and put a red heart on the custom insignia with the words ” Cheer & Dance Spirit Of Giving Competition 2009″.

The third custom cheerleading patch you see below is one of my favorite cheerleading emblems. We created this custom patch with three pom poms, each pom pom has a different descriptive words. We used 100% embroidery coverage and we used a iron-on backing. This patch represents all things cheerleading!

Patches by The/Studio puts the “C” in cheerleading . We can create a custom patch that will bring spirit to your cheerleading team and to the team your cheering for. Let Patches by The/Studio cheer you on with a  custom emblems!

Where Can I Get Custom Cheerleading Patches?
At The/Studio, we create custom cheerleading patches of all kinds! We make ordering easy for our customers, so they are able to showcase the perfect cheerleading patches. We can create a custom patch that will bring spirit to your cheerleading team and the team you’re cheering for!

Where To Design Custom Cheerleading Patches?
At The/Studio, we design custom cheerleading patches of all kinds. We have an array of different patch types to choose from, along with several colors, shapes, backings and more. We make the design and ordering process very simple for our customers and our turnaround time is unbeatable!




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