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Custom Chenille Patches

January 2, 2014

Chenille Patches are truly beautiful and we are proud to offer them to our customer at Patches by The/Studio.  We have found that Chenille Patches are popular with sports teams, biker clubs and apparel brands.  Especially fashion brands that are geared towards small children, and also premium brands that are looking for a medium different than normal embroidery or screen print that allows them to differentiate their brand.

In this blog post you will find some of the Chenille Patch projects that we have done.  One is a set for the Soul Brothers biker group.  It features 5 separate patches that encompass the entire set which the group was to sew onto their leather biker jackets.  The Soul Brother Patches feature orange, black, and white chenille embroidery done on a mint neon green felt.  The Soul Brother patch that features a map, also features normal embroidery.  With Chenille Patches we are able to combine three mediums of design, chenille, normal embroidery and applique. The second set is the “Inglewood” patches which was also done with chenille and also done for a biker group. The other patches are other random designs that we have created using the chenille medium.   Chenille embroidery requires a different machine that a normal embroidery machine, but many people like it because it gives a premium and sporty look to their apparel.  Chenille embroidery can of course be applied to patches, but it can also directly be applied on sweatshirts, jackets, caps, bags and other products.  Send us your design and we will let you know whether it will work with chenille.

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