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Custom Embroidered Biker Back Patch For Religious Biker Group

August 1, 2014

This custom embroidered patch was customized for a biker group that considers the Church and Christ to be an integral part of their lives.  Interestingly biker groups have a bad reputation as being gangsters and outlaws.  However, at Studio Patches we work with numerous biker groups and we know that most bikers are law abiding citizens that choose motorcycles as a way of transportation and life.

This embroidered patch has grey stitched satin border, with blue, light blue and red stitching.  In addition the patch is stitched on a reflective backing which acts as an additional safety measure when this patch is being worn at night.  In fact it is the same material used in police, fire and safety units uniforms and vests.  The patch is custom shaped and measures 10 inches by 13 inches in height.

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