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Custom Golf Patches

February 21, 2013

Custom Golf Patches

Every time I see a squirrel, I think about a hysterical moment my mom had with a squirrel. It was a summer day and my mom and I were at home, it was so hot outside so we had the door open to try to steal a breeze, all of sudden I look up and there is a squirrel in our house. I think squirrels are so cute but I was kinda of scared to see a squirrel so up close and personal. My mom and I knew we had to try and get the squirrel out of the house so we chased it out of the house. I closed the door but my mom decided to go outside for some reason, 5 minutes passed and she still had not come back into the house so I went outside to check on her, I see her running up and down the driveway, I was so confused but I looked down and I noticed the squirrel was chasing my mom. I could not stop laughing, I have never seen a squirrel chase a human before. I finally got my mom into the house, after my mom was done being scared we both started laughing. No one believes this story but I was there to witness this peculiar moment.

I know I just wrote a whole story about a squirrel but I promise this story has something to do with custom golf patches we created, we were contacted by a country club that wanted us to create some custom golf patches or their golf course gift shop. They wanted us to put a squirrel on the custom patch and an acorn ( I told you every time I see a squirrel I think of that moment.) They also wanted us to put two golf clubs on the custom golf patches. I really don’t know why they wanted a squirrel on their custom golf patches but when our customer mentioned he wanted a squirrel on these patches I started laughing. Of course I didn’t want him to think I was laughing at him so I told him the story I told you above, he couldn’t stop laughing.

We used 75% embroidery coverage on these custom golf patches. The patch came out amazingly, I was really happy with the clarity of these custom golf patches. Thank you to this wonderful country club for allowing me to be your custom patch hero!

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