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Custom NASA Patches

Custom NASA Patches

Embarking on a space voyage and exploring different galaxies sounds like an amazing vacation, but for some brilliant astronauts this is their career. I think at some point we have all dreamed about being a astronaut , I certainly had that dream. I remember having a astronaut barbie and pretending to be aboard a space rocket with her by my side. Astronaut Barbie had the cutest astronaut outfit I had ever seen , it was pink!  Being able to create custom NASA patches has reminded me of those dreams of space ,aliens and faraway galaxies. It’s so inspiring creating custom NASA patches, it gives me a chance to be apart of such an enchanting and unknown world, one that is complete with stars and planets.

Hero Patches has been a preferred vendor for NASA for over four years.  The custom embroidered patch you see below is one of my favorite custom NASA patches. This custom emblem was created for the NASA Dryden Research Center. It is a 4 inch patch. I am so proud of these custom NASA patches. They are beautiful!

The mission of the NASA Dryden Research Center can be found below:

Dryden’s Mission
Advancing technology and science through flight.

Mission Elements
Perform flight research and technology integration to revolutionize aviation and pioneer aerospace technology.
Validate space exploration concepts.
Conduct airborne remote sensing and science missions
Support operations of the International Space Station — for NASA and the nation.

Dryden’s Vision
To fly what others only imagine.

Thank you to NASA for allowing us to create your custom NASA patches and for reintroducing me to space and all of it’s glory. I will always be in awe of NASA and envious of what they do. Please continue to explore so that I am able to live vicariously through you. We can’t wait to create some more custom NASA patches for you!




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