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Custom Patches For Costumes

Halloween is many months away ,   precisely 4 months , 134 days , 3225 hours ,  and 193484 minutes away , but who’s counting? I love this spooky day! I enjoy the costumes and the trick or treaters. But what I really love about this holiday are all the custom patches we get to create for our customer’s costumes . Our customers get so creative with their patches and their costumes , it’s so fun much to be apart of! This year we are going to have a Halloween custom patch costume contest , whoever wins the contest will get some free custom patches. I will go over this in more detail when we get closer to October 31st , 2013. Today , I just want to get you thinking about who or what you are going to be for Halloween and how you can incorporate custom emblems to your costume. I am going to share with you four custom embroidered patches that we have created for costumes.

The first custom patch you see below was created for one of our customers that was going to be a ninja for Halloween. The custom embroidered patch was going to act as an imitation metal forehead protector. We used 100% embroidery coverage on this custom emblem and we added metallic threading  so that the custom patch could appear to be shiny like metal. This patch came out perfectly , it was just what the customer envisioned !

The second embroidered emblem you see below was created for a mother and daughter , they were going to be hippies for Halloween. They wanted to order custom neon flower patches , they were going to cover their bell bottom jeans with these patches. I thought this was such a groovy idea! We used 100% embroidery coverage and we put an iron-on backing onto the back of the custom patches. We used orange neon thread, these patches really looked like they were from the 60’s!

The third patch you see below was created for a 12 year old boy , who wanted to be an Miami Dolphin football player. The custom insignia was going to be adhered to his custom jersey. He was so excited because his jersey had his name on it. We used 75% embroidery on this custom patch. Our customer couldn’t believe how realistic the patch looked , he said it looked just like the Miami Dolphin logo.

The fourth emblem you see below was created for a gentleman that was going to be Hugh Hefner for Halloween. He told us that he had his cigar robe and his silky pajama pants but the only thing he was missing was a custom playboy patch to adhere to the back of his robe. We created a beautiful custom patch for him. We used 75% embroidery coverage and black and white threading for the iconic bunny. When he received his patches , he was ecstatic! He told me now all he had to do was find some beautiful woman to surround him to complete his costume!

Custom patches complement any costume! It’s never too early to start planning your Halloween costume!

Playboy patches


Halloween patches




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