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Custom Patches For Restaurant Uniforms

I guess you can describe me as a “foodie” , I really love food! I enjoy exploring new restaurants and tasting exotic cuisine. I have such an appreciation for the restaurant business because I worked in a restaurant for 4 years. Working for the Cheesecake Factory gave me an behind the scenes look at how a restaurant is ran. I am grateful for my time at the Cheesecake Factory because I met such amazing people and got to try every delicious item on the menu! There are so many factors that going into making a restaurant successful. Of course the food has to be exceptional and the ambiance has to be welcoming but uniforms are very important as well. Restaurant uniforms have to be identifiable and unique. Uniforms are like walking advertisements for the restaurant. And what’s a uniform without a custom patch? Most restaurant uniforms display patches , usually the custom emblems are adhered to the uniform shirts , hats , or aprons.

We have created many custom logo patches for well known restaurants. We are very familiar with what restaurants need and want when it comes to their custom logo emblems. We understand how important it is that your custom insignia look identical to your logo. Your logo represents and gives identity to your restaurant and your patch will do the same. It’s imperative that your custom patches are made with the highest quality materials. I would like to share with you two of my favorite custom restaurant patches that we have created. I think you will find that Patches by The/Studio is more than qualified to create your next custom logo emblem.

The first embroidered emblem you see below was created for the popular restaurant , Buffalo Wild Wings. These custom patches were created for the employee’s uniforms. We used 100% embroidery coverage and we used white , yellow and black threading. As you can see the custom embroidered patch looks exactly like the logo ( actual logo pictured below ).

The second custom logo patch you see below was created for Jp Mulligans pup and sports grill. These custom emblems were also created for the employee’s uniforms. We used 75% embroidery coverage and we used white , grey and light brown threading on these custom patches. The patch matches the logo perfectly. The actual logo is pictured below.

We take such pride in the fact that we can create embroidered patches that look identical to popular logos. Patches by The/Studio offers a menu of special options that can turn any restaurant patch into a masterpiece! Patches by The/Studio can make any restaurant emblem delicious! Ask our creative specialist what’s on our patch menu today!




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