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Custom Police Patches

Police Patches

We are extremely appreciative of all the amazing work police officers do and we have such gratitude towards them. They make our cities and communities much safer and risk their lives doing so. In honor of our police customers, we would like to share with you some of our favorite police patches and also go over some important police patch tips, and much more!

Useful Police Patch Tips

The most frequent size for police patches  is 4″ to 5″ inches in height. This size is big enough to see every detail on the patch.

The shield shape is popular amongst police officers. The shield shape brings honor and integrity to any embroidered patch. This is a great option for designs that require 75% embroidery coverage or 100% embroidery coverage. The shield represents protection and bravery, it’s a very powerful shape to use on your custom patch.

Most police uniforms are made out of nylon material. Nylon is more delicate than cotton. Our iron-on backing is not suitable for these materials because the heat could cause damage to the attire. The best patch backing for polyester, nylon and spandex is a sew-on backing, adhesive backing or Velcro backing. These backings will adhere to your uniform perfectly.

We offer a plethora of special options for your custom patches. One of the most common special options we have seen used on custom police patches are merrowed borders.  A merrowed border is a wonderful option for custom  patches that are shaped into a circle , rectangle, square or triangle. The merrowed border option will give your custom patch a finished and polished look. This border is  1/8″ that overlocks the patch edge, this option also prevents unwanted frayed edges. Merrowed border will give your patch durability. Keep in mind that this choice is not recommended for a custom patch with 100% embroidery coverage. Merrowed borders look nicer on patches with 75% embroidery coverage and 50% embroidery coverage.

That bring us to our next helpful patch tip, embroidery coverage! Let’s go over all three options in detail:

  • 50% Embroidery Coverage: 50% or less of the patch surface area will be covered in embroidery. This is our least expensive option and is generally used for patches with simple designs sewn onto fabric. If you need an affordable option and your design is simple, this is an excellent choice!
  •  75% Embroidery Coverage –  Most custom police patches created using 75% embroidery coverage. This means 75% or less of the patch surface area will be covered in embroidery. This is the most widely used embroidery coverage. Unless specified by the customer, our Creative Specialists usually note a standard order with 75% Embroidery.
  • 100% Embroidery Coverage– This option will cover 100% of the patch surface area. This is our most expensive option.

Uniform Guidelines

There are strict uniform guidelines that are enforced amongst police officers. Their shoulder patches must be worn on the left sleeve, 1/2 inches below the shoulder seam.

Favorite Custom Police Patches

Below are some of our favorite custom police patches we have created!

The Orange Grove Police patch you see below is a great custom patch. It represents the state of Texas beautifully.

The Wilshire Vice Police patch you see below was created using 75% embroidery coverage. This patch is very unique, we have never seen a custom police patch quite like this before!

The Jackson County Police patch you see below was created for the Sheriff’s office. We love that the patch is in the shape of a star.

The Hartselle patch you see below is a beautiful patch! The color scheme makes the patch look so vibrant!

We understand how important a K-9 is to a police department so we even have custom police patches for dogs.

Fun Facts About Police Patches

* There are over 18,000 police departments and law enforcement agency in the United States of America

* Every police department has their own patch, that represents their department in a unique way.

* Every officers wears at least one patch but if you have a special rank or you are apart of a special unit, you may have more than one patch that you are required to wear.

* Dog and Horses that are on the Police force wear custom police patches.

Our Favorite Police Officers Depicted in a Movie or T.V Show

We have seen many actors play the role of a law enforcement agent.  Below is some of our favorite onscreen law enforcement officers :

Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop

Gary Oldmon in The Dark Knight

Jodie Foster in Slience of The Lamb

Charlton Heston in Touch of Evil

Denzel Washington in Training Day

Will Ferrell and Mark Wallberg in The Other Guys

At Patches by The/Studio we understand how important custom police patches are to a police department. We will create a patch that embodies the bravery and honor that all police officers possess.





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