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Custom Rhinestone Patches

Custom Rhinestone Patches

We all know that diamond’s are a girl’s best friend but most of us can’t afford to adhere diamonds onto a custom patch , so the next best thing is Rhinestones! Rhinestones sparkle and shine like diamonds but they are much more affordable! Your patch can still glisten without breaking the bank!

Today , I would like to share with you my favorite custom rhinestone patches. Rhinestones are sure to turn any ordinary patch into an extraordinary patch!  Before I show you my all time favorite custom rhinestone patches, I would like to explain how we add the rhinestones onto the patch and also go over the different types of Rhinestones we offer.

For large quantity orders, we use a industrial heat transfer to adhere the rhinestones onto the custom patches. For small quantity orders we actually place the rhinestones onto the patches in our office , using a house iron.

Hero Patches is pleased to offer three types of rhinestones; Swarovski rhinestones (the best quality) , Czech rhinestones , Korean rhinestones , and Chinese rhinestones. We offer them in any color you can image and they are available in different sizes.

Now let’s take a look at my personal favorite custom rhinestone patches!

The first custom rhinestone patch you see below is amazing! I love Marilyn Monroe and decided to create a custom Marilyn Monroe patch to give to our customers. We used rhinestones to make up Marilyn’s teardrop earrings. We used 75% embroidery coverage on this patch and we used black and white threading.

The second custom patch you see was created for Designo Wino Bags. We used red rhinestones to made the wine glass appear to be filled up with red wine. I think this was a adorable concept!

The third patch you see below is so pretty! We used multicolored rhinestones to make them appear to be sprinkles on a cupcake. This is the perfect example of how to use rhinestones to make your patch stand out!

The fourth patch you see below was created for a girl scout troop. We used multicolored rhinestones all over the patch! I think every patch should have rhinestones!

And there you have it ladies and gentleman, those are my favorite custom rhinestone patches!!!!! Which one did you like best? Comment below! And remember that diamonds might be a girl’s best friend but rhinestone are everyone’s best friend!

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