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Custom Running Hats for Marathons and Races


Represent your crew with custom running hats for your next race. Learn how to create your own at The/Studio today!

Custom hats are a must-have when you are running a marathon or participating in a race of any kind. Sure, hats are important to keep the sun out of the face and sweat out of your eyes (and can even keep you warm in the cooler months, depending on what type of custom hat you design). But it goes far deeper than just that. 

A customized running hat lets you display your own designs, support the cause you’re running for, represent your running team or club, or simply rep yourself! If you are an avid runner, you know how important a hat is to your running attire. Why wear the same hats that thousands of other runners are wearing? Why not make your hat one-of-a-kind? 

custom running hat at a marathon

What Should you Look for When Ordering a Custom Running Hat? 

Ordering a custom hat isn’t hard, but if you aren’t choosing The/Studio, then there are some things you’ll need to watch out for. First, you should find a company that specializes in custom hats. You don’t want a company that only recently started making hats, you want one with decades of experience in hat design and creation. (In other words… The/Studio!) 

If you don’t have a design ready, you’ll also need to choose a company that can create a design for you. (Hint: We can have our in-house designers whip up a design based on your creative vision, all 100% FREE!) 

The company should also offer a variety of special options to make your running hat unique. Remember, a real custom-made running hat is far more than just a design slapped onto a blank ball cap. 

Get started with your design today!

Why wait? Select your options, share your artwork, and we’ll get you started on your custom products.

Our Recommendations When Creating a Custom Running Hat 

We’ve made thousands of custom hats, often for runners just like you. So when it comes to custom running hats, we like to think we know a few things. Here are our recommended design choices! At the end of the day, however, it’s all up to you.

Recommended Style

  • 5 Panel: 5-panel hats are the classic (and best) style of running hat.

Recommended Material

  • 100% Cotton Twill: Offers maximum breathability for cooler temperatures.
  • Cotton/Poly Twill Blend: This blended material is a nice compromise for all-season running.  
  • Poly Mesh: Our moisture-wicking polyester-mesh blend is ideal for hotter temperatures.

Recommended Profile Shape

  • Unstructured: An unstructured profile is helpful so you can stuff your hat into a waistband, backpack, or pocket while on the go.

Recommended Bill Shape

  • Flat: Flat bills offer maximum protection from bright sunlight (and rain).

Recommended Closure

  • Velcro Strap: A Velcro closure system provides adjustability throughout your race. Maybe you want to add a bandana under your hat, for example.

Recommended Profile Height

  • High: A high profile offers the most visibility.

Recommended Exterior

  • Woven Eyelets: Woven eyelets help increase breathability, ideal for hot, sweaty weather.  

Just remember that not all options are compatible with one another. Depending on the design choices you make, other components may not match. Not to worry, though. Simply speak to your Creative Specialist at any point in the process if you run into trouble. 

Order Your Custom Running Hats 

Well, what are you waiting for? Use The/Studio to create your custom running hats today! Simply contact and work with one of our Creative Specialists in advance to get a design whipped up, or use our Create Tool (below) to get started all on your own. There’s no reason you can’t start your next race with a one-of-a-kind running cap on your head! 

Design Custom Running Hats For Your Next Race Today




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