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Custom Sticker Design Ideas for Halloween

Finding the right custom sticker designs for Halloween can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve got a lot of experience! Here are our favorite custom Halloween stickers.

From jack-o’-lanterns to bats, witches, skeletons, and more… Halloween has tons of classic images and designs. As we’ve written about in previous blogs, custom stickers are blowing up right now, and Halloween is the perfect season to capitalize on that sticker craze! 

custom halloween stickers

Halloween is Coming Up Fast! 

It might seem hard to believe since we’re still in summer, but Halloween is only three months away! The celebration of Halloween lasts the entire month of October, and most retail stores start putting out Halloween merchandise in early September. That’s a long window when you can expect to capitalize on Halloween-friendly merch! According to the National Retail Federation, Americans were expected to spend over $10 billion on Halloween-related items this year from custom Halloween socks to custom masks, hats, patches, and stickers

Combining stickers and Halloween is good for business whether you have a retail or e-commerce store. Stickers are cheap to produce, easy to ship and store, and incredibly versatile. A sticker can be applied to just about anything!

What’s more, when you make customized sticker designs, your product also becomes a one-of-a-kind advertisement. When one customer buys a custom sticker from you, they inadvertently become a walking advertisement, promoting your brand to their friends and family. When other people see your stickers on water bottles, car bumpers, and laptops, they’ll wonder where it came from, and perhaps come buy their own!

Why Create Custom Halloween Stickers? 

Like we mentioned above, stickers are a superb addition to your retail or e-commerce store for the Halloween season. Even if you don’t plan on selling your stickers, you can hand them out as party favors, give them out to trick or treaters instead (or in addition to) treats and candy, or even give them out as Halloween merch with your company logo to your clients and employees! They’re simply a great way to make the Halloween season fun, and everyone from young kids to students to business professionals can enjoy applying stickers to their belongings.

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Halloween Custom Sticker Ideas

Some of our favorite custom sticker design ideas for the Halloween season are below. Remember, we offer full sticker packs, so you can put multiple different designs on a single sheet of stickers. This is a great way to offer variety to your customers and to make the most of the tons of Halloween sticker design ideas out there!


  • Ghost
  • Goblins 
  • Candy corn 
  • Graves 
  • Cemetery
  • Skeleton
  • Jack-o’-lantern 
  • Haunted house 
  • Witches 
  • Witch broomstick 
  • Witch cauldron 
  • Character from your favorite Halloween movie
  • Ouija board 
  • Black cat 
  • Scary clown 
  • Mummy 
  • Dracula 
  • Bats 
  • Costumes 
  • Zombies 
  • Spellbook 
  • Potions 
  • Full moon

Recommendations for Custom Halloween Stickers 

At The/Studio, you get the best of both worlds. You design based on your imagination and we bring it to life. So, it’s totally up to you what kind of custom stickers you want to create, but here are some recommendations:


  • Hologram 
  • Vinyl (white material) 

Sticker Cut 

  • Any of our sticker sheet options, so that you can create more than one design in a single sticker order (and sell sticker sheets in bulk, if you like!)

Of course, we have a ton of options we didn’t mention here, but these are our highly recommended options specifically for Halloween designs. Once you get started, you’ll be able to explore the entire world of options available to you. So, what are you waiting for? 

Design Custom Stickers for Halloween Today



Get started with your design today!

Why wait? Select your options, share your artwork, and we’ll get you started on your custom products.


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