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Custom Swat Patch

 Custom Swat Patch 

Swat teams are very important to a police department , they are called into duty when the situation becomes too high- risked for regular uniformed police. SWAT stands for Special Weapons and Tactics , they are requested in hostage rescue situations , counter -terrorism operations , situations with heavily armed criminals and entering barricaded areas that have been tampered with.

They are trained extensively and are giving specialized weapons and vehicles that only they can handle. The SWAT team has saved many lives and deserves nothing but respect. We have had the honor to create many custom SWAT patches , in fact we have made so many that we are very familiar with the SWAT patch process.

We know exactly what our SWAT customers want and need. If your going to create a custom embroidered SWAT emblem , olive drab green is essential! After creating so many of these types of custom patches , we understand that this specific color is very important. Unfortunately , many patch companies never get this color right. Their idea of olive drab green is either too light or dark.

You have to remember that 95% of custom embroidered patches are produced in Asia and then imported to the United States. Most patch companies don’t have an American owner that speaks fluent Chinese to explain what Olive drab green is all about.

At Patches by The/Studio , that is not the case! We always get the color right because the owner speaks Chinese fluently and has a wonderful relationship with our factories.

Another must of creating the ideal custom SWAT insignia , is choosing the right shape. An oval shape or a badge shape is very popular amongst SWAT teams and police departments. These two shapes create a statement of power and bravery.

The picture below is of a custom patch that we created for the Chino Police Department’s SWAT unit. We used 100% embroidery coverage on the custom emblem and the back of the custom insignia has an iron-on backing. The custom patch is an oval shape , with the correct olive drab green color , with accents of black embroidery. This custom embroidered patch is a perfect example of a SWAT patch created correctly.

At Patches by The/Studio we understand that patches are a vital part to a swat team’s uniform. We are committed to creating custom emblems that meet your team’s exceptions and standards. Patches by The/Studio is the choice for your custom SWAT insignias , we are the only choice!




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