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Custom Trucker Hats: All You Need to Know About Ordering Hats With Your Design

Over the years, trucker hats have hit the top of the list for fashionable wears and plummeted to the depths of forgotten fashion pieces.

Today, the trucker hat is back in fashion and has regained its value as vintage throwbacks and youthful favorites, because why not? These mesh back caps provide excellent versatility, breathability, and an instant outdoor appearance.

One striking design that is picking up speed in the fashion world is the custom trucker hats. These hats aren’t just quirky; they are also bold, expressive, classic, and add character to your online store product range or promotional merchandise.

But before you make a move, there are things you need to know before ordering trucker hats. Let’s find out, shall we?

Research on the type of design against the material

Most store owners and companies think a design that looked flawless on socks, t-shirts, or beanies will look good on hats.

Embroidery on hats is a whole new ball game. Sometimes, simple is better. Here are some tips to guide you as you choose a design. 


Size is important. For starters, small designs with too many details end up looking too cluttered, plus they are difficult to embroider.

So, what is the ideal size for embroidery designs? There isn’t one. Optimal embroidery sizes depend on the type of embroidery. For instance, the ideal thickness for flat embroidery is 1.3mm. For 3D embroidery designs, the minimum thickness is 5mm, with a maximum thickness of 12.5mm.

But note that the thickness of your embroidery would determine the type of stitch. Overall, go minimalist and use bold designs with thick lines.

Less Colors, More Impact 

There’s a simple rule of thumb in choosing colors. If you’re going to use more than four colors, it should have large, clear details to sew properly. Small designs with many colors will look gaudy.

Also, there are over ten different colors to choose from. However, for each embroidery design, the limit is six colors. 

Symmetry is Important 

Balance isn’t just important to the universe; it also makes a good embroidery design. If you are finding it difficult to create balanced designs, here’s a pro tip. Start from the middle bottom and spread your design outwards. 

Pick an Embroidery Type

Now to the fun part! There are three major types of embroidery, and they are;

  • 3D Puff embroidery 
  • Partial 3D puff embroidery 
  • Flat embroidery

3D puff embroidery has raised embroidery threads, which are quite visible hence its name. Flat embroider, however, is the opposite. It is characterized by flat lines that lay on the hat. Partial 3D puff embroidery is a combination of 3D embroidery and flat embroidery. 

Create an Embroidery Design Portfolio

Although embroidery is a digitized process, you still need to do some work.  To embroider a design, you’ll need to create an embroidery file first. 

You can send your design as a vector file. However, remember that every embroidery style needs a separate digitized file. 

That means if you submit a flat embroidery design and want the same design for 3D puff in the future, you may need to digitize that as well. In addition, make sure you confirm the type of printing technology to avoid any disappointments.

Know Your Embroidery Area

The available embroidery area determines the size of your design. Trucker hats have high profiles and can hold a higher design. The size dimensions for printing on trucker hats are:

  • Front embroidery area: 5.5inch x 2 inches
  • Side embroidery area: 2 inches x 1 inch

Working With the Right Company

There are a thousand and one custom designers, and customizing your trucker hat is as easy as sending a message. However, not everyone can produce a high quality embroidered hat. To avoid needless disappointments, do in-depth research before ordering. 

Check the reviews and the portfolio of previously customized hats to evaluate the quality of their work. In addition to reviews, consider the following factors before making your final choice. 

  • Speed of delivery
  • The turnaround times
  • Pricing value
  • The embroidery technology used

Ordering Custom Trucker Hats

Ordering a customized trucker hat is quite easy. You may need to create an account before you submit a bulk or individual order. After creating an account, follow these steps:

  • Choose your product (trucker hats)
  • Choose your model and color
  • Upload your artwork and choose your embroidery type
  • Choose thread colors
  • Review your information and complete payment
  • Review mockup and sample
  • Track your order

There you have it! Now that you’re familiar with the process, what will your design be? Take a look at The Studio’s collection of custom trucker hats and other headwear and begin designing your hats today.




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