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Custom Uniform Patches

Many jobs, careers, organizations and sports teams are required to wear uniforms and one of the most important aspects of a uniform is a custom patch. A custom uniform patch can represent a department, display an individual’s accomplishments or unify a team. We have created many custom uniform emblems for police departments , sheriff departments , fire and EMS departments ,security companies , girl scout troops , Boy Scout troops , soccer teams , baseball teams and martial arts studios.

A custom embroidered uniform patch is important to a uniform because it differentiates you from another department or team, etc. Think about it like this if you went to a soccer game and all of the soccer players were wearing blank jerseys and blank shorts and their uniforms all looked exactly the same, you wouldn’t know which team was which and this would cause some confusion. Now put a custom uniform insignia on the player’s jersey and right away you can tell which player is on which team.  Custom uniform patches bring  a team’s uniform together.

Imagine Police officers or Firefighters without their recognizable embroidered patches, their emblems give them legitimacy, you can buy a police costume or a firefighter costume at any Halloween or costume store, but what makes their uniforms legitimate  is their custom insignia that no one can replicate.  Each department has their own unique custom embroidered patch that’s represents their department with symbols and mission statements.

Now lets envision the Girl Scout or Boy Scout without their custom uniform patches. All of their accomplishments and special events would have to be stored in their hearts and minds which is fine, but they wouldn’t be able to proudly display their achievements and the joy of receiving a custom emblem would disappear. Receiving a custom patch gives  Girl Scouts and  Boy Scouts motivation to accomplish their task and goals, it gives them pride and joy.

What I have learned through assisting customers with their custom uniform patch orders, is that these patches uplift a sports team’s morale , gives Girl Scouts troops and Boy Scout troops ambition and reminds police and fire department’s of their mission, which is to save lives. Having a custom uniform patch gives the discipline and the courage to be the very best at what you do because it is an honor to wear a uniform patch and a privilege.




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