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Custom Wedding Patches

Custom Wedding Patches

Tis the season, wedding season that is! Spring and Summer are the two most popular seasons for weddings.Please if you will imagine this scenario, this could be you…….  After much preparation the bride and groom are ready to walk down the aisle and share their deep love for each other with their close friends and family. They check off their wedding list, they have their cake, flowers , menu , DJ , dress and tuxedo but they realize they are missing one thing, one very important thing, the party favors to give to their guest.

The bride becomes angry at the groom because that was his only responsibilities in planning this wedding, he tells his beautiful bride not to worry that he will get the best party favors ever! That’s when the frantic groom calls Hero Patches, he has the brilliant idea of ordering some custom wedding patches to give to their guest. After the groom receives his custom patch order, he reveals the custom wedding patches to his soon to be wife, she smiles and says ” this is why I am marrying you”. Problem solved!

The scenario I explained above could happen to any couple. Planning a wedding is stressful, let Hero Patches relieve you of some of your wedding stress. We can create a beautiful custom wedding patches that your guest will treasure forever. Custom wedding patches look great in scrapbooks. We offer many special options and material for you to choose from and we can meet any deadline, wherever you are in the world!

I am going to go over some of the special options and material that we have used on past custom wedding patches. Keep in mind these are just suggestions, you can choose any options you would like! I will also be going over the patch process so you are aware of how much time you need to plan and order your  custom wedding patches.

Suggestions Of Special Options and Material That Will Look Great On Your Custom Embroidered Wedding Patch:

* Metallic Thread
* Neon Thread
* Crystals
* Merrowed Borders
* Puff Patches

Patch Process

Step 1:
First things first, you will need a concept for your wedding patch, you want something that represents yourself as a couple and the love you share.

Step 2:
Once you have established your concept you are ready to create an image that you wish to have on your embroidered patch. If you would like you, can draw, sketch or take a picture  and send it to your creative specialist or if you are not feeling very artistic let our talented artists create an image for you with your ideas and input. At this time you can also choose a patch shape that would best fit your custom insignia.

Step 3:
You will need to select a size that will work best for your custom patch, decide the width and height of your embroidered patch. Please ask your creative specialist if you are unsure of the size that should be used.

Step 4:
This is a very important step in designing your own custom patch. You will need to choose how much of your patch you would like to be embroidered. Would you like 50% embroidered coverage, 75% embroidered coverage or 100% embroidered coverage. Please keep in mind that this depends on your image, if your image is very detailed you will need to use 100% embroidery coverage, if your custom patch is just of a name or a simple text you can use 50% embroidery coverage. 75% embroidery coverage is for images that aren’t too simple or too detailed. If you are unsure of which embroidery coverage to choose, please ask your creative specialist.

Step 5
Choose a backing for your custom emblem. We offer many backing options, no backing (sew-on), iron-on backing , Velcro backing , adhesive backing , magnetic backing and more. Please note that some of these backing options are permanent while others are temporary, so when choosing a backing keep this in mind.

Step 6
Now this is the fun part of designing your own patch! Choose from any of our special options and materials that we offer such as metallic thread, glow in the dark thread, neon thread , camouflage, merrowed border , crystals , frayed ages and much, much more!

After you have completed these 6 steps your creative specialist will give you a price quote and then our talented artist will create a mock-up sample for you (free of charge). If you like your mock-up sample, we can proceed to the sewn-out sample. Once the sewn-out is approved, we can start actual production of your custom patch. After production is complete, your wedding patches will be delivered to you!

Please keep in mind that we have two shipping options, standard and rush. Standard is 8-12 days after approval of your sewn-out sample and rush shipping is 2-4 days after approval of your sewn-out sample.

Custom wedding patches are unique and personal, your guest are sure to be impressed!

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