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Cute Enamel Pins for Your Bags

You just got a backpack but you don’t want it to be just another travel bag in the boundless sea of ubiquitous backpacks, right?  Now you want to add a touch of style and pizzazz.

The exciting news is that there are countless ways to customize your backpack to reflect who you are and what you love.

How can we make my backpack look unique? Some would embellish them with a keychain but more often, they turn to backpack pins.

Pins have become so popular over the years, and you may have collected a few yourself.

The cool thing about this stylish approach is how adaptable and versatile it is. If you’re bored with it, you can remove the pins easily. If you want to refresh the look, just add extra pins or remove some.

It’s that easy! 

Now, it’s time to change that dull looking backpack. It’s time to stand out from the crowd.

Here we go with some cute pins for backpacks.

Funny Pins

A pin shows a bit of your style without saying a word. So if you want to show people you love humor, funny pins for backpacks are just perfect!

Won’t it be fun to make people laugh and gasp when they see your backpack?

Make someone smile and display your fun side today by showing off your happy feelings on your backpack!

Animal Pins

Hello Animal Lovers!

Embrace your inner hopeless animal lover by adding an animal-themed pin to your most cherished backpack.

Perhaps you love the grace of a tiger, the speed of a cheetah, the beauty of a butterfly, or the iridescent tail of a peacock.

If so, you can use a charming animal-inspired pin to make a statement and add a bit of glam to your backpack.

Nature Pins

Nature, in pin form, is ideal for showcasing your love for nature to the world. If you love nature or perhaps gardening, why not pin a colorful flower on your backpack? 

You can use flower lapel pins to mark the spring season or wear them to appreciate their beauty.

Whichever way, you can make a subtle statement or add a touch flare to your favorite backpack. 

Hobby Pins

My hobby has given me something exciting to do in my leisure time. Hiking increases my flexibility and coordination, plus it’s doesn’t require so much to get in on it

So what’s your hobby?

Are you a backpacker, biker, or a gardener?

These are cool hobbies, and what better way to showcase your interest than through hobby pins? An enamel pin inspired by your interest will definitely create a buzz about your interest and style.

If your hobbies make you happy, let it shine through by getting a customized hobby pin!

Covid-19 Pins

No doubt, The coronavirus outbreak will forever change the way the world operates. But you can do your bit to flatten the curve and turn it downwards.

Enamel pins for backpacks emblazoned with “Thank you, Heroes,” “Hang In There,  Stay Safe, or “Stay Strong,” send a message of support and promote positivity during this trying time. Wear a COVID-19 pin on your backpack to send words of support to the heroes on the frontline and other essential workers who risk a lot to keep us safe.

There you have it! 

Ready to Display your timeless style or spark interest? Let’s get started by learning more about these cool and cute pins for backpacks




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