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Embroidered Patches and Starbucks

Inspiration is the driving force behind The/Studio. This company was created in one of the most inspiring places , Starbucks. Joseph Heller spent a lot of time at this popular coffee chain while developing Patches by The/Studio. Their coffee inspired his love for embroidered patches. Starbucks and Patches by The/Studio share many similarities, so it was only fitting that our company developed there.  Howard Schultz and Joseph Heller  both had a vision to change and inspire their industries.

We would like to think of ourselves as the Starbucks of embroidered patches , we want to be on every corner and in every town. We want Patches by The/Studio to be the only company you think of when you think of embroidered patches. When you wear our custom patches we want you to feel inspired.

The next time you order embroidered patches , we think you could use the same inspiration Mr. Heller had when creating Patches by The/Studio. We are excited to offer a free $5 Starbucks gift card if you order 100 or more embroidered patches. If you place an order for 200 embroidered patches, we will send you a second gift card. Also, for every additional 200 embroidered patches that you order we will send you and additional $5 Starbucks gift card (up to 1000 pieces).  Every embroidered patch needs some inspiration!!

Starbucks and embroidered patches make such an inspiring duo , so will you be taking your embroidered patches with cream or sugar?

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