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Laser Cut Embroidered Patches

December 6, 2014

One of the things that separates Patches by The/Studio is the fact that we have a laser cut machine at our disposal.  Having a laser cut machine allows us to offer custom cuts to your patch, besides the traditional shapes of a square, circle, rectangle and triangle.  It allows us to create embroidered patches for you that can have dozens of small cuts, and we cat cut spaces right in the middle of our patches.

Because very few of our competitors have access to their own laser machines, they either charge their customers a ridiculously high premium or they don’t offer laser cut options at all.  At Patches by The/Studio we can virtually cut any type of shape and we can do it absolutely for free. Here are some examples of patches that we have done that required laser cuts.  The process requires that we first embroider the patch.  After embroidering the patch our laser cut technician draws out the exact shape of the patch on the computer and inserts that file into the laser cut machine.  The laser cut machine then cuts our the shape of all of the patches.  However, because the laser machine is not 100% accurate, we have to go over each patch by hand and ensure that everything is cut perfectly.  Nevertheless without having access to our own laser cut machine, we would never be able to offer free custom shapes for absolutely no charge. The Butterfly and the CPS Patch are the most complicated as these patches could not even be cut by hand even if someone charged a premium.  It requires the precision of a laser machine.

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