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Learning about Woven Patches by Susan

Woven Patches

This week we finished writing all of the woven patch information and we set up the website. I can’t wait to see the finished website! I can see how useful the information and pictures will be for our customers.

I am now a woven patch expert!





I have been taking pictures of our Challenge Coins. To be honest, I’m scared of taking pictures of our coins and tumblers It’s are difficult to show how beautiful our products are through a picture. Pictures don’t capture the true beauty of our custom products.  Luckily, I have learned how to take better pictures. The pictures can’t be considered perfect because I’m not a professional photographer. I don’t have any photography training.  I just try work hard and try to become better.  Sometimes feel a little sad and wonder if I am a good fit for this job.




I now have a better idea about my daily task than I did before.  I have learned how the marketing department operates. I understand my position more clearly! I like spending my time and effort doing important things rather than spending my time doing less important things. The more important duties deserve my undivided attention. I will continue perfecting those skills and task.





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