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PVC Patches

PVC used to create patches is a very interesting medium.  If your design is ornate, or you are going for a high scale look then PVC is definitely not for your patch.  However, when a company, organization or individual is trying to bring across a message of sportiness, adventure or creating a feeling that a particular piece of garment or apparel accessory is being used in manual labor (such as construction), then PVC patches are definitely an interesting medium to consider.  However, it is important to note that if you are considering a PVC patch, your design should be simple, with no more than 4 or 5 colors, as PVC poorly translates intricate designs.  PVC is excellent on creating interesting twists on simple designs, logos and topography.  Customers also like PVC because it is not just one dimensional, because the raised elements of PVC allow for a 3D depiction of your design.   PVC patches although a bit thicker than embroidered patches can be sewn on by a professional tailor just as any embroidered patch.  As is the case with the pink PVC patch pictured here and the white and black PVC patch with the paw, you can add Velcro or hook & loop to the back of the PVC patch.   We have found that PVC patches are popular with airsoft teams, paintball teams, fashion brands that are trying to connote a sporty or modern ambiance, construction and gardening companies. The first PVC patch pictured here was done for a website that specializes in selling airsoft supplies.  The patch features a Velcro backing and also the white part of the PVC glows in the dark, per the specifications of our customer.  The customer specifically requested that the white part of the PVC glow in the dark, so we specially sourced PVC material that would glow in the dark.   The next patch was produced for a line of custom tshirts, basketball shorts and surfing shorts.  Its an exclusive line of sports apparel and our customer wanted to do something different than embroidery and screen printing.  They wanted their logo to be small and subtle on their apparel, and they felt the best way to connote that their brand was different, was not with a big logo, or bragging that their brand was different, but by subtly placing their logo on a PVC patch. This last patch is titled “Project Mayhem” and is inspired by the book Fight Club.  Its in reference to a secret movement portrayed in Fight Club in which the group covertly works to destroy the American Financial Structure to liberate the average working class American.  This patch was design by a group of computer engineers that worked together on open source systems in hopes of making the world a better place by creating software and apps that would help people in their daily lives.  They named their group “Project Mayhem” and each member of the group received a PVC patch.




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