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Studio Patches Donates Another 24 Embroidered Patches to

September 24, 2014

We just found another 24 United States Air Force related patches that we decided to donate to USAF Patches.  You can find those pictured below.  In fact our CEO has decided that in the future any organization or individual that keeps a blog or gallery of embroidered patches not for the purpose of a profit, can request for us to donate embroidered patches to them.

We have always believed that embroidered patches is more than just a business, but is truly the creation of historical artifacts.  Historians can look at patches made 50 years ago, and look at our patches today and see what were people’s interests during the time, what military conflicts our country and other countries were involved in at the time, what sort of colloquial language was used, what type of uniforms were people wearing, etc…

We are very proud of our donation of patches to USAF Patches, and we encourage other organizations to request patches from us for their collections.

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