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Tips for Designing Custom Embroidered Patches

March 9, 2021

Tips for Designing Custom Embroidered Patches

Once you have decided to create custom embroidered patches you’ll realize there are a few details that may left you wondering and even triggering more questions on where to begin. Whether you’re a business owner or event organizer looking to make patches, these tips will help bring your design into tactile life. 

Where to use your patch

The beginning of every patch starts from its purpose. 

What is your custom embroidered patch for? A fashion statement? For a sports team? A biker’s patch? Whatever it is, let purpose guide you as you design the perfect custom embroidered patch. 

Take Size Into Account  

Size is a vital aspect of designing a custom embroidered patch. How clear and sharp the design on your custom embroidered patch would look depends on the patch’s size. 

There are standard sizes for different types of patches. Here is a simple size guide: sports and scout patches are 3 inches, military and security patches are 4 inches, logo patches are 3.5, and large biker patches are 12 inches. 

Have Clear Designs  

Embroidered patches aren’t the clearest patches out there when it comes to design. Custom woven patches take the cake when it comes to clarity. As a result of this, embroidered patches with too many details and complicated designs don’t come out great. 

Choose simple designs and a few designs. If the letterings on your design are too many, consider getting a larger-sized patch. This is because small letterings don’t look good on embroidered patches. 

Too many words would require the letterings to be small. In addition to this, logos should be as simple as possible. 

Choose The Best Border For Your Design 

There are two common borders for custom embroidered patches – hot cut border and merrowed border. These borders give an excellent finish to custom embroidered patches, but they have their advantages and disadvantages. 

While designing your custom embroidered patch, consider which border would be best for you. The simple and thin hot cut border, or the classically beautiful merrowed border? 

While choosing a border, also decide what colors should be used on your border. A bright border with complementary colors makes your patch stand out. 

Designing a custom embroidered patch is fun, especially when you have handy tips. We hope the tips above have changed your custom embroidered patch design skills for the better. 

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