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What happens if there is a mistake with my custom embroidered patch?

August 25, 2014

All of our patches are custom made.  This means that your patches are not sitting in a warehouse or in Walmart just waiting for you to buy them.  We make each patch to the strict requirements of our customer based on size, shape, color, backing, edges and other special options.  No custom patch is made the same.

Because every custom patch is actually manufactured there are sometimes problems from time to time.  We closely control the quality of our patches and we have a specialized team that literally inspects each patch before it ships out.  Nevertheless because producing a custom patch actually goes through quite a bit of stages, sometimes orders have problems.  We keep close records of the percentage of orders that have problems and our rate of defects is at about 2%.  This means that 98% of our patches are produced without any problems.

So what happens if you receive your order and the color is not as you expected or the patch is the wrong size?  All you need to do is inform your creative specialists and as long as its our error we will redo it free of charge and ship it out for free as well.

Here is an example of one of the few times that one of our embroidered patches had a problem.  When we showed the customer the sample on our custom CRM, the customer approved the design with an exclamation point ! after the S.  However, our production team forgot to cut the small connecting thread between the stick and the dot, so it looked like and I or an L instead of an exclamation point.  As the order was a rush, it also missed our quality control team.

The customer sent us an email and took a picture of the patch and we immediately agreed to redo the patch for the customer free of charge.  That is the guarantee and customer service that you can expect from Studio Patches!

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