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Learn which patch is best for your project.

Embroidered Patches

When a fabric backing and high-quality thread come together with your design, the result is a wearable form of artwork. The Embroidered Patch is a style that is rooted in tradition. These originally hand-stitched badges are now seen everywhere and can be made with a variety of attachment options such as sew-on, iron-on, adhesive backing, or velcro backing.

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Woven Patches

Thinner, woven threads mean higher resolution. If your design has a lot of detail or small lettering that you want to pop, choose Woven Patches to achieve a clean, crisp, graphic style. These patches are made in a similar way that images appear on a computer screen- lots of little dots.

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Printed Patches

Looking at patch styles is almost like visiting a local art gallery, every patch, like every artist, is different. When you pick printed patches, you are choosing photographic realism. Printed patches are almost a photo made of thread. When you choose a printed patch for your design, it allows subtle details and colors that aren’t usually possible.

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Leather Patches

A leather patch can be found on the back of almost every pair of jeans. They add high-quality flair to every item they are attached to from hats to jackets, jeans, socks, or bags. These patches can be stitched on, ironed on, stuck on, or velcroed on just like any other patch style.

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PVC Patches

Custom molded, flexible, and lightweight. Need we say more? PVC patches are a modern alternative to the more common embroidered patch. Made of a durable plastic, PVC comes in an endless array of colors that can bring your custom design to life with a look and feel that is unachievable with embroidery.

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Bullion Patches

This patch is so classic that it is frequently called a crest. The hallmark of a Bullion Patch is the wire stitching that adds shine to any design. Also, because of their unique materials, these patches have a 3-D appearance.

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Chenille Patches

A letterman jacket wouldn’t be the same without its chenille patches. But that is just the beginning. These fuzzy, nostalgic patches show more than achievement, they give your design a bold yet classy look that echoes your brand voice.

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Name Patches

Wear your brand, your name, your motto, or all three! Name patches can be made from any material and color so you can pick the patch type that is the perfect style for your brand.

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