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Custom Caps & Hats for As Low As $2.99

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Custom Caps & Hats
for As Low As $2.99

We take the hassle out of creating homegame hats, street-ready styles and hip-hop headgear, helping you create gear that lasts for season after season, year after year, album after album. Choose your favorite cap style and we'll do the rest. Our team of design masters makes it a cinch, helping you put together a custom hat with any number of styles, colors and added features like rhinestones, leather buckles and puff embroidery. It's an experience that's simple, fast and maybe actually fun. Hats off to you for letting us do the hard part.


With our caps, perfection comes quickly.

Choose between these three turnaround times depending on your needs. Need it in five minutes? We take on ultra-urgent projects if we're confident we can do them. The sooner you let your representative know your deadline, the sooner we can make it happen.

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*Turnaround time is for after sample approval.
  • Standard
    As fast as 15 to 22 days*

  • Rush
    As fast as 12 to 15 days*

  • Urgent
    As fast as 7 days*

How it works

True Customization™ means knocking it out of the park every time.

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    Complimentary Design
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    Worldclass Production
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    Blazing Fast Delivery
Make a custom product now!

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The classiest design, the highest of quality, the fastest production. Standard features of every The/Studio caps.

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  • Are there any limitations as to where I can place embroidery?

    Not at all. Because we manufacture our caps from scratch, you can put embroidery on the bill, side, crown, anywhere you like. See if can do that.

  • What is “bleed” and do I need to do anything different because of it?


    Like most things involving custom clothing, this one’s best explained visually.

    Bleed and Safety Area

    Here’s an image where we’ve placed all the vital information and graphics on a sample image within a zone called “safety,” but extended the image past our desired “trim” point into the “bleed.” Read the following and you too will be able to speak industry jargon:


    This is the the perimeter around your image that will be cut off but gives us working space. Please include a .125″ bleed around your images — this would turn a 6″x4” item into 6.25”x4.25”.


    This is where we cut the “bleed” off to achieve the desired size. To ensure legibility and a better aesthetic vital graphics and text should not run up against the trim.


    This is where all vital graphics must go to guarantee their not being cut. “Safety” is .125” within your desired trim point; you’ll see we’ve placed all our vital text within this zone.


  • Can I get a proof of my cap’s design?

    Yes. It’s part of The/Studio DNA to provide free professional design services for every cap order (with unlimited free edits). What we call a “mockup” is the digital proof, and it’s provided within 1 to 2 business days after payment of your invoice. Feel free to approve the mockup (if you are 100% satisfied), or request an edit.


  • How do you price your custom caps?

    We put a lot of thought into our prices. Some of the more important variables are quantity, stylistic add-ons, size and “surface area” of the modifications  — i.e.,  how much printing, sowing or other graphically-related work does the project require? The person most equipped to give you a price for your product is your sale representative or our useful DIY — both can give you a detailed analysis of your quote and what things featured into our per-item price. Happy hunting!


  • Can I get a physical sample of my custom cap before full production?

    We typically provide a free sample photo for your approval through email before we move your order into full production. We can ship a physical sample from an actual run, but this will entail a fee in addition to a longer shipping period.

  • Do you have a minimum order quantity for custom caps?

    No, we don’t. If you’re looking for a no-minimum custom caps producer, we’re one of the few folks who do that. Still, we recommend that if you’re going the through trouble to order one, you might as well have a dozen or more made — your sales representative would be happy to show how the per-price unit goes down tremendously after even ten items. That’s because we spread the cost of your unique hat’s set-up across however many that you order.

    That said, if you want something that’s truly one of a kind, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be happy to make a limited edition run of just one.

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