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Create Custom Bullion Patches

On the hunt for luxe custom products for high-end, fashion-conscious customers? Partner with The/Studio to create handmade custom bullion patches – the kind brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton use.
Custom bullion patches

Quick facts about our custom embroidered patches

200 patches from $9.31 each.
Minumum Order Quantity
Order just one patch if you’d like – enjoy bulk savings with 2+.
Avg. Turn Around time

5-8+ weeks, from order placement to delivery.

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Create a Fully Customizable Bullion Patch

Partner with the largest patch manufacturer in the world to create fully customizable, handmade bullion patches. With unlimited customization options, you can create a bullion patch that’s tailor-made for your brand, your vision, and your design… and leave the complicated patch production to the experts. Here’s a glimpse at what you’ll be able to customize:

Backing Options

Add your custom bullion patch to apparel you sell or give your customers the flexibility to attach it to the piece of their choice, with 8 backing options to choose from.

Bullion Patch Wire Colors

Hand-stitched wire is what gives bullion patches their iconic, elite look. Choose which wire colors you’ll use to elevate your gorgeous design.


Every custom bullion patch we create is plenty fancy on its own… but if you’re looking for something extra-special, elevate your patch even further with these optional upgrades.

We’ll help you get fancy with custom bullion patches.

Creating a custom high-end fashion patch for the first time can be a bit intimidating. Reach out to our industry-leading customer service team for assistance with the customization process, patch design, or placing an order.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

The bullion patch is as fancy schmancy as it gets! They are the most luxurious patch option (look and cost wise). They are handmade – they are never produced by a machine.
They are made by hand. That’s right! No machinery will touch your custom bullion patch. They are hand-stitched using gold and silver bullion wire. The wire is then stitched onto a fabric.
You have probably seen them on ceremonial military uniforms and on the British royal family.
Yes, bullion patches are the most expensive custom patch, but well worth the price. They are pure luxury!

Bullion patches made by customers

We stitch every bullion patch by hand… and we’re always in awe of the beautiful designs our customers come up with. Explore a few of our favorite custom bullion patches we’ve helped brands create.

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Quality is in the details. If you need need assistance along the way, our expert design team will be happy to help.

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