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Create Custom Chenille Patches

Add a touch of nostalgia and fluffiness to your brand, with letterman-jacket-style chenille patches your customers will love to rep.
Custom chenille patches

Quick facts about our custom chenille patches

200 patches from $1.31 each.
Minumum Order Quantity
Order just one chenille patch if you’d like – enjoy bulk savings with 2+.
Avg. Turn Around time

2-6+ weeks, from order placement to delivery.

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Create a Fully Customizable Chenille Patch

Chenille patches use a vaulted yarn weave to create fluffy, 3D designs that are especially perfect for letterman jackets, sports teams, and fashion brands. Create a custom patch that’s anywhere from 1 cm in diameter to 16.5” x 27.5”. Here’s what else you’ll be able to customize:

Backing Options

Keep your patch where it’s supposed to be. Choose from multiple backing options to customize not just how your patch looks, but also how it’s used.

Borders & Edges

Give your chenille patch clean edges with the right border.

Chenille Colors

Chenille patches typically work best for designs with 1-3 colors, but you can add as many as 5 chenille yarn colors to your patch.

Customization Upgrades

Take your patch to the next level by adding optional embroidered detailing in the color of your choice.

Get Help Creating Custom Chenille Patches

When you partner with The/Studio to manufacture custom chenille patches, you don’t just get manufacturing assistance – our excellent customer service team will be here for you throughout the entire process, from customizing to designing to receiving your order.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you can, BUT they are hard to clean. If you spill something on your custom chenille patch, make sure to stop whatever you are doing and clean it immediately! If you spilled a liquid on your custom chenille patches, you can clean it by using a paper towel or a dry cloth to soak up the liquid. Don’t ever brush or rub to get the stain out (this will make it worse). After the liquid has dried, fill up a bowl with cold water (must be cold), add liquid soap dish cleaner. Put your chenille patch in the water and squeeze the stain out until it’s removed. Once the stain has been removed, lay out flat to dry. If you can’t get the stain out, don’t worry! A stain will add some character to your custom chenille patch or you can always order some new ones!
Yes, they are more expensive than other patches because of the way they are produced and because of the special machine that is needed to produce them. The cost might scare you, but just think of the markup you can get on them!
Yes, but we don’t recommend it. We highly recommend sewing your custom chenille patch on instead.
Yes! Although chenille patches are usually seen on letterman and sports jackets, you can use them any way you would like! We have seen a lot of fashion brands use chenille patches to achieve that iconic look.
It feels exactly how it looks! Fuzzy and soft!
Chenille is made of yarn. The look is achieved by placing short lengths of yarn between two “core” pieces of yarn. Once together, you twist the yarn together.
Chenille is a French word meaning “caterpillar”. Get it? A caterpillar looks fuzzy and soft the same way a custom chenille patch looks!

How to Create Your Custom Chenille Patches

Creating a fluffy chenille patch from scratch is surprisingly easy… as long as you partner with The/Studio for all the manufacturing stuff. Here’s how to get your design out of your head and onto a custom patch.
Step 1: Pick Your Patch
Identify what type of patch you’d like to create and how many you need to get an initial quote.
Step 2: Use Your Imagination
Make your chenille patch as classic, avant-garde, bold, adorable, or out of the box as you’d like with 100+ customization options.
Step 3: Get Artsy
Upload the artwork for your custom chenille patch, or work with one of our in-house designers to make some magic.
Step 4: Give Us the OK
We’ll send a mockup or physical sample of your patch for your approval, then make as many tweaks as necessary until you’re thrilled with it.
Step 5: Receive Your Patches
We’ll ship your custom chenille patches straight to your doorstep with free tracked shipping, ready to wear and ready to distribute!
Sketch of a custom patch and digital mock-up side by side
Digital mock-up of patch
Red custom embroidered patch on dark wood background

Chenille Patches Made by Customers

Beautiful designs + fluffy magic = gorgeous, on-brand patches! Take a look at a few of the custom chenille patches we’ve created for business owners like you and get inspired by the awesome results!

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