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Hats off to you for creating such a unique, recognizable brand.
Now, create from-scratch custom manufactured hats that are worthy of it, using the same factories top brands like Diesel and Polo use.

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Quick Facts About Custom Hats

Great Pricing

200 hats from $10.36 each.

Low Minumum Order Quantity

Order just one hat if you’d like – enjoy bulk savings with 2+.

Fast Avg. Turn Around Time

2-6+ weeks, from order placement to delivery. Need it sooner? Contact us

Customize Your Entire Hat

Create an on-brand, retail-ready custom hat without even having to use your head all that much. We’re not talking about generic stock caps you can add a little printing to – these are customized, from-scratch manufactured caps that allow you to customize everything about your hat, from the materials to the color to the embellishments.

Here’s a glimpse at what else you’ll be able to customize when you partner with The/Studio:


Since you’re customizing your cap from scratch, you’ll be able to choose exactly the materials and colors you want.

Profile Shape

Since your cap is fully customized, you can choose the profile shape and structure that matches the aesthetic of your brand.

Bill Shape

Curved or straight? Choose the bill shape that matches the style you’re going for.

Cap Closure

Whether your customers wear their hats backwards or forwards, the right closure completes the look.


Adding embroidery to a premade hat is often expensive and limiting. But since we’re making your hat from scratch, you’ll have the freedom to put as much embroidery as you’d like anywhere you’d like for an affordable price. We’ll embroider the fabric first, then construct the cap.

Packaging, Attachments & Sew ons

Make your hats completely retail-ready by adding branded embellishments.

Profile Height

Choose the right profile height to suit the style of cap you’re going for.

Exterior Details

The biggest, most famous brands use the smallest, most intricate details to make their brands stand out. Add the perfect finishing touches to the exterior of your custom cap.

Interior Details

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. The right interior details can affect how your hat feels on… and make your customers wear it way more often.


You’ve customized your hat, you’ve dreamed up your design – now, decide how you’ll add your design to your hat and where.

How to Create Your Custom Hats

Creating a hat from scratch is easier than you might think… as long as you partner with The/Studio for all the manufacturing stuff. Here’s how to get your design out of your head and onto a custom hat.

Step 1: Pick Your Hat Type

Identify what style of hat you’d like to create and how many you need to get an initial quote.

Step 2: Use Your Imagination

Make your hat as sporty, stylish, crazy, practical, or out-there as you’d like with 100+ customization options.

Step 3: Get Artsy

Upload the artwork you’d like embroidered or printed on your hat, or work with one of our in-house designers to make some magic.

Step 4: Give Us the OK

We’ll send a mockup or physical sample of your hat for your approval, then make as many tweaks as necessary until you’re thrilled with it.

Step 5: Receive Your Hats

We’ll ship your custom hats straight to your doorstep with free tracked shipping, ready to wear and ready to distribute!
Custom artwork sketch of hat
The anatomy of a hat
Custom hat with custom patch

Get Some Hat Help.

Our customer service team wears a lot of hats around here. Get in touch with a representative who can help you start a new project, answer Qs, get design help, track down an order, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers
At Caps by The/Studio everything we do is completely customized and we pride ourselves on doing everything that is humanly possible to build a cap according to our customer’s requirements. Very rarely there will be certain limitations on text and shape, but even if there are limitations we will work on a solution to meet your needs. Let your Creative Specialist know your needs and we are confident that we will find a solution.
We can do any shape or style of cap, or hat, you can imagine. The styles of caps we can produce include (but are not limited to): Flat Bill New Era Style Caps, Traditional Baseball Caps, 5 Panel Caps, Castro Caps, Two Tone Caps, Three Tone Caps, Visors, and Beanies. If you do not see what you are looking for, tell us. We have the expertise to manufacture any style cap or hat.
Since The/Studio manufactures every cap from scratch, there’s hardly any limitation to embroidery coverage. As a matter of fact, if you order from a company that embroiders onto a pre-manufactured cap, you are usually limited to an embroidery area of just 3 inches. However, we can embroider up to 4 – 4.5 inches. Not only that, our cost includes embroidery in up to three areas, including the brim.

The parts of a custom cap include

Crown – The front part of the cap that fits over the top of your head and touches your forehead. Usually the main area of embroidery and customization on caps. Can be created as low profile, medium profile or high profile by adjusting the angle of the front crown. Low profile slants backward versus high profile that angles almost straight up from the bill. The crown of the cap is also what determines if the hat is structured or unstructured. Structured caps have a buckram fused to the inside of the cap to keep the front ridged. Unstructured caps have no re-enforcement and cap material sits loose against the head.

Top Button – Fabric covered button that sits directly on the top center of the hat at the intersection of the fabric panels. Button color can match the material of the cap or in a contrasting color.

Eyelets – Round holes sewn in the cap for increased ventilation and style. Eyelets can have sewn borders or metal grommets.

Panels – Fabric pieces used to create the shape of the cap. Most caps are 6 panel caps with a seam in the center of the front crown but there are also 5 panel and 8 panel caps. 5 panel caps are mainly used for “trucker caps” or caps that have screen printing on the front instead of embroidery. Panels are sewn together with thread matching the color of the cap material or with a contrasting color. Fabric of the panels is normally cotton twill and can be brushed or made thicker if needed. Other fabric types are wool, mesh or performance materials that allow for greater moisture wicking or ventilation.

Bill or Brim – The visor that extends out from the crown of the cap to shade you from the sun or elements. The bill is normally curved or can be flat as in “pro-style” caps. Bill is plastic and sandwiched between two pieces of fabric. A contrasting sandwich is created by adding a third piece of fabric along the front of the bill between the top and bottom fabric. Sandwich fabric is normally in a contrasting color and can be screen-printed with text for customization. Flip style bill is when a contrasting color of fabric is used on the bottom of the bill and is folded up and over just the front of the bill to look similar to a sandwich style bill. Stitching on the bill can range from 4 rows to 8 rows. Length of bill varies between styles.

Back Closures – On adjustable caps there are a variety of closures used. Most popular are Velcro, sliding buckle, deluxe locking brass buckle or plastic snap (used on truck caps most often). Fitted style and Flexfit style caps have no closure style on the back nor do they have the hole in the back.

Sweatband – Fabric used on the inside edge of the cap to help absorb sweat and keep your cap looking clean and dry. Sweatband styles range from standard cotton to high performance synthetic material with advanced moisture wicking properties.

Embroidery – Standard method for decorating caps and hats. Embroidery is normally done on the front, sides, back or bill of the cap. Standard embroidery or 3D puff embroidery is normally available. 3D puff requires a fairly simple design and created an extremely raised embroidered design. Screen-printing is another way of decorating caps but not as popular as embroidery.

Special Options – These are additional features you can add to your custom cap. Choose one or mix and match from the available special options we offer.

Most Popular Hat Styles

Hats are a total crowd-pleaser when it comes to custom products.

Explore a few of our most popular hat categories:

Custom hats made by customers

Check out these hat tricks! We’ve helped 100,000+ companies and organizations create high-quality, custom-designed hats. Let them inspire your own creation!

Creators Love Our Custom Hats

Quality is in the details. If you need need assistance along the way, our expert design team will be happy to help.

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